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Triggering (SI/Suicide) - everythings too much

i feel so suicidal right now and have been fighting these feeling all week. am so panicked ,and really feel like self harming. i am not sure i can fight it for much longer i am so down and i don't no what to do to make the pain stop. i spoke to my worker yesterday which helped alot but i don't want to bother her again cause i have contacted her quite a bit this week. i keep getting panic attacks all the time and flashbacks of things that happened to me.

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be positive
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can you speak to your worker again.
contact your GP
you need some support from mental health team right now
how safe are you? x

Some days are still hard but they make the good days seem all the better :)

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how are you feeling now? we're here for you, let us know how you are yeh?

i know it's tough, but you've gotta hang in there, you won't feel like this forever. do little things to help yourself fight the urge to hurt yourself, like watching your favourite movie, or reading your favourite book, or calling a friend that always makes you laugh.
i'm sure you're worker person would rather you talk to her than harm yourself, & i'm sure you're not a bother to her. don't be afraid to speak up for yourself, ask for help if you know you need it.


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lost in the dark
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don't be afraid to talk to your worker ALL U NEED they are there for you.

TELL them how you feel, call the suic. hotline.....

Take action.....change will pro-active.

Allow yourself xtra breathing room, do things at YOUR pace......

be specific when talking to honest.....make change happen.

here for support.....Peter

They say time heals all wounds
I'm still waiting.

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