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spoiled brat?

okay i really hate to say this but there is really no denying it...
i grew up/am growing up in a family that is very well off and my parents do everything to keep my happy. there is really nothing that im lacking and my parents spend endless amounts of money to keep me that way...
but i still developed an eating disorder even though i have SO MUCH GOOD IN MY LIFE. shows how messed upand spoiled i am.

"life is not measured by the number of breaths we take... but by the moments that take our breath away..."

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Your ed isn't a sign that you don't appreciate what you have. What is it that makes you think the two are related? Is it maybe that you think if you told your folks they'd be mad because they did everything they could to make you happy? Because if that's need to slow down. Might they be confused or blame themselves or not understand how....sure, but that doesn't mean that you did this to deliberately hurt them. This is not something you one day just decided to do. It's something that developed because of something that happened or a thought process or any number of reasons. Being well off doesn't make you immune to the rest of lives problems. In my psych class we learned that money only plays a very small role in that people who have enough to pay their bills are happier. Being well off doesn't mean you're supposed to be happy and perfect all the time. You're human. And it's okay to have problems. That's human.
I don't know if any of this helped....but if you want to talk more, I'm here.

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Both of the above are very true. Eating disorders do not discriminate. They can affect ANYONE.

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Not at all, it might even be that feeling spoiled and having everything you want has made you feel bad in some way and that's caused the ED behaviours. Like i.e perhaps you don't feel you have the space to earn some of these things for yourself instead, you might feel suffocated / mollicoddled, or even guilty (which is the feeling that seems to be coming through in your post.)

Just because your parents spend a lot of money on you doesn't necessarily mean that all your emotional needs are being met. Nor does it mean that everything is okay with how you feel about yourself or what goes on with you away from the family life. And you shouldn't feel that you aren't allowed to have problems because your parents happen to have money.


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This is interesting because I am older now but for my growing up life and into adulthood I was given basically everything money could buy. As they say money does not buy happiness always. For myself especially now older it is hard to accept when things are a struggle or if I can't have or do something. I am working on that now
I dont see you as a spoiled brat. You may get a good feeling if you can do more on your own as you get older. Being given a lot sometimes does not allow you to build self esteem or a purpose which is important in recovery

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There is more to life than money.. Maybe something has been missing, something that cannot be bought.

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fragile as glass
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Maybe you were given too much and still are given too much.

Perhaps that has left you lacking the skills necessary to go out into the adult world (alone) and start a life of your own. And perhaps your ED serves the purpose as an excuse for you not to go out into the big bad world.

I may be way off mark but thats how I read what you say.

It's not a judgement, just an observation. Perhaps your parents have far more to do with you getting an ED than you realise.


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Like someone else has already said, eating disorders do not discriminate. You can have everything in the world, but just because something appears to be perfect on the outside does not mean it is that way on the inside. So many things play into eating disorders, having all the money in the world or the greatest upbringing does not prevent you or anyone from having their own struggles. Everyone has a story to tell.

Just because you were blessed with a comfortable upbringing does not mean you are spoiled, dear. And it certainly does not mean you are messed up! What makes you jump to these thoughts? It really sounds, to me, that you feel some sort of guilt.

" You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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