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how to deal with healing itches

how do you deal with wounds that scab over and itch? It makes me want to pick the scab off to make it stop itching, but I know that it technically SI if it bleeds again. I don't know what to do. Help?

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I remember always putting Neosporin on all of my wounds while they were healing. It helped with making mine less itchy since it wasn't super dry and it also prevented them from becoming infected. Plus, it's cheap from what I remember.

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Could you put some kind of cream on them that helps stop the itching. Also maybe try and put a bandage on them so you are not tempted to pick at them.

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Like Kat mentioned putting a bandage on it will likely help, I find it does and for me even if its just small cuts but I've got the urge to do more I put a bandage over them and it makes me feel like I've cut worse so I don't go back for more.

Take care.
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i dont know if it will work for u, but for me did.
I normally put the arms (cause thats were my worst injuries are) in water. for a moment. it calms down.
Hope it helps

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Savlon Healing Gel on open wounds (it's a hydrogel), otherwise moisturisers on newly-healed skin.

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What about new scar tissue. I hadn't harmed in about a year...seiously that is and I'd forgotten how much it itches. I've tried moisteriser but it isn't working.

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