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So I currently have THE best clinical psychologist. Basically I was very honest with her. Told her I was suicidal along with all the other shit. So she referred me for more help.

Long story short, I now have the local crisis team number. I eventually built up the courage the other night to call them and not hang up. When I spoke to them, they didn't really ask much at all. Just the usual, whats your debts. Then how are you? Obviously i couldn't put into words what was going in and said very minimal, that i didn't know what to say or how to explain it. Her response was, do you think you need to see a psychiatrist. I said I didn't know. All i really needed was her to talk to me for a couple minutes to calm me down and ground me. But her results, after a phone call of all of 2 minutes 34 seconds, was "I think you should go to a and e. Do you have a way of getting there?" I said only taxi. And she said "ok. Is that is then?"

Well I guess so. Thanks. What really is the point in crisis team. I thought they were supposed ti take strain off a and e mental health people and be able to assess/ basic input what doesn't need to go to hospital.

Definitely put me off ever calling them again.

Sorry. This is just very negative and pissy. I just. Don't understand it.

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First of all well done on being so brave and honest with your psychologist. I am glad that she was helpful in her response to you. You did great in contacting the crisis team too, I am sorry that you didn't get the response you needed though. Don't let this put you off though, I can't speak personally for your crisis team but over here it can be a bit hit and miss dependent on who you get on the phone.

So do try again if you are needing support as you might get someone different. Would it help to write yourself a few dot points before you ring up of what you would like to talk about or what kind of support that you would find helpful? Also I encourage you to have a chat to your psychologist about it too as you both may be able to either troubleshoot it or come up with some alternatives. Take care

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Hi Kat.

The frustrating thing is I already have had the discussion with the psych. I went into this call with the bullet points. I just don't know how to make next time different. And I don't want to speak to them to just be told to go to a and e. Like we all know I just won't go. So it's pointless me calling. Its just wasting their time.

I'm just getting frustrated with myself.

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