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Advice about Counselling/Crisis Team.

I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice. For various reasons, I was referred to the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (I think that's their name) on Monday night. I was seen by 2 ma
le counsellours and they said I would have 3 sessions this week. I saw them on the Wednesday and I found it very chaotic, there was a different man (it could be that with the Crisis Team you see different people, I’m not sure, I’ve just been speaking to 5 different drs/psychiatrists over the past week and it’s getting tiring and harder to keep telling the same story over and over), they ended up leaving and getting a woman in (who said she wasn’t a psychiatrist, so I’m not sure on that) and they didn’t have a plan drawn up of what they would do to help, like my previous therapist said she would do on Monday (I can’t go back to her as she’s in a different partnership area). However, one question that kept popping up was ‘What do you expect from us’ or ‘what would you like us to offer you’. I was very hysterical on Monday and Wednesday so I didn’t really have an answer, but I’m much more level headed now, and I’m seeing them later today. I’m not really sure how to approach this question. All I can think about is counselling and changing medication (which they suggested). I don’t know if there is anything else they can offer, and I don’t really know what else they do. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions?
I’m just freaking out that after tomorrow they won’t offer me anymore treatment (since they said I couldn’t go back to my previous therapist) so I’d just be left hanging there. I’m thinking that they won’t because I don’t know what to suggest.
I hope this makes sense. I’m very panicky (as you might be able to tell), but any advice would be great.
Thank you x

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For example - would it be helpful for them to simply listen? Or do you need some advice on coping tips/ grounding yourself etc?

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Generally CRT are short term and they provide intensive support usually at your house. As they will work on shift you will see different people each time although the longer you are with them obviously the more staff you will get to know.

In essence they are an alternative to hospital so maybe you need to think about what your really struggling with at the moment and is there a way they can help with it? If you can't think about what you want tell them and maybe you can figure something out.

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you could request a community psychiatric nurse if you dont already have one

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Thank you for your responses!
I've never been involved with CRT, so I didn't know that you see different people each time, thanks for the heads up.
Sorry to sound so ignorant, but what does a community psychiatric nurse do? Does she come to your house or does she talk things through with you?

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Originally Posted by inwonderland View Post
Sorry to sound so ignorant, but what does a community psychiatric nurse do? Does she come to your house or does she talk things through with you?
I have an CPN, and I usually see her at base. However, I have seen her at home in the past.

Yes, they do talk to you and stuff. They can refer you to other services, such as DBT or counselling, if they feel you need it.

They do a similar service to an Social Worker, only the difference is that they are trained to give injections, so if you are injectable antipsychotic, they can give you that rather than having another person doing it.

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There's been some good replies here already. It's a broad question really, asking what you'd like from them, given the fact that you're in contact with them as you're struggling so much. It's very difficult when you're constantly speaking to many different doctors on different ranks, i.e. psychologists, mental health nurses, psychiatrists, etc. Then they're not always there, days off, unwell themselves and all sorts. I guess they have lives too. It's unfortunately a bit normal to see different people regularly. That being said, I know it's a tough question to answer... Think of what you'd possibly like in terms of some realistic stability, meetings with them, ideas of medication. If you're unsure which I know you must be a little bit, perhaps turn it around on them and ask them exactly what they think needs to be done to help you. I've been fortunate enough to find crisis teams to generally be very patient, understanding and genuine - everything you'd need from professionals at this level really.

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