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I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right forum...but...

Every time I eat I feel disgusting. It can be the smaller amount of food but I still regret it and hate myself. Anyway... I end up cutting a lot of times due to being disgusted with myself. I've tried a lot of ways to lose weight (i.e. dieting, exercise mixed with dieting, starving, eating normally, not snacking) and nothing works. I have been TRYING to recover and I haven't been giving into completely pointless urges but weight issues still get me. Any suggestions of what to do? Like to stop feeling so bad for eating? Or to...idk. Sorry this post is so pointless.

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Stay strong.

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It's not pointless! What you feel is real and you're brave for asking questions. It means somewhere deep down, you don't want to live this way anymore... and that's the first step to recovery.

Have you ever seen a therapist or someone who could specifically help you with your eating disorder? It's just not really my forte... :/

Cutting however, is what I know. What triggers you? How do you think you can stop it?

Stay safe,
Allison <3

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I go to a counselor because of my self harm (my parents know and force me to go). I've never really brought up the topic of my eating habits because I'm too fat to have an eating disorder and I don't have all the symptoms of any of the eating disorders.
As for cutting the things that trigger me are feeling disguising/guilty after I eat, my own scars, pictures or such of self harm, anger (like...I take out anger on myself in most cases), and disappointment/not feelin like I'm good enough.

Stay strong.

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i would talk to your therapist about how you feel with your weight and about food. it is clearly really distressing you, which means it is something that deserves to be addressed.

for the things that trigger you: perhaps you could try to remind yourself that food is necessary for life. everyone needs to eat, it is natural, not disgusting... you could try scar cream to lessen your scars so they are less triggering, and resolve yourself not to look at photos of self harm (at one point i even put a parent lock on my computer to stop those types of things from coming up). anger and disappointment are really big triggers for me as well. one thing i had to realize is that anger (and disappointment) are just feelings. everyone has them. feelings are natural. they aren't inherently bad. we just have to choose to act in ways that respect ourselves and others. that doesn't mean that we can't be angry and let them know that we're angry, it just means that we have to do it in an acceptable way. also, try not to hold yourself to impossible standards. you are human, you're going to make mistakes. don't beat yourself up over something that wouldn't be a big deal if someone else did it

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The magical part: They NEVER run out, so borrow some any time you want.

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