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Help me to help someone i really care with all my self

Hi , im new to the forum , i ve been reading a lot of posts and its a very nice place , congrats for the site ^^ anyways i'm ready to do anything for help the person i love with all my heart , she is 18 and its dealing with self harm/depression issues , she is far from me(she lives in another country). what could i do for understand better how she feels?and what can i do to help her? sometimes she treat me crap but i know is not her intention , sometimes she just feels like she dont care about anything ,i always try to cheer her up but its like a rollcoaster , i wish i could take her pain and make it mine cos i feel soo bad that she has to go throw all this and that i cant do **** =\ i wanna do something , no matter how hard or difficult is it ill do it , anything for her . she have had a very bad past , now things are going better but still it cant be deleted. i always try to make her sweet things that i make with my heart for her like a stupid poem i try to invent or drawings even if i have the skill of a 2y old kid lol, and also letters and anything that cames from my heart but not always helps , i just wish she could not suffer that much cos she doesnt deserve it , in 1 month im going to visit her cos i cant stand the fact of not doing anything i can for her. sorry my long message i hope someone can help me to help her thanks so much for ur time

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Hi :)

Firstly, it sounds like you're a really caring person, and this girl is extremely lucky to have someone like you. The fact that you are already there for her in any way you can is going to be extremely helpful to her, it's so helpful to know someone is there for you. Just keeping up what you're doing already is going to be so helpful to her.

Good luck and you sound like a lovely person :)

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i think the best thing you can do is to be her friend, like you have been. and don't let everything focus on the SH and depression. it is important for people to remember who they are outside of their troubles, and it is important that you don't feel responsible for fixing her, as that will end up wearing you out.

you could encourage her to seek support from professionals or people in her area, and that might be very helpful to her...

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