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Carpe Noctem
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My mom wants me to take a Zumba class with her. Anyone here ever done it before? What exactly do you do? I've never taken an excersize class before, so I'm sure I'll feel pretty stupid regardless, I just want to know what I'm in for, haha :)

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I Like Turtles
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As far as I know Zumba is dancing, while waving your arms about, and doing different stretches, all at the same time. Be aware, you may make a fool out of yourself, but it's all for fun, so enjoy!

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We have a dvd because someone told my mu it was good for a problem she has with her hip but she didnt want to go do it in frint of people. Its quite good, but i do look a complete idiot

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If you look on youtube, there are loads of videos of Zumba, which should give you some idea what to expect!

I've done it, and it's really fun; you might feel stupid but everyone else is making a fool of themselves too so it's fine!

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Yes, I love it! :D It is definitely the best thing that I ever did... formed some amazing friendships through it and it has built up my confidence by a long way. The first time I went was terrifying. I didn't know any of the moves and felt quite self-conscious but now I don't really care and went wrong the other day - it was highly embarrassing but no one minds because they go wrong, too! It's such good fun, the music is brilliantly cheesy and I would definitely say, go for it! You don't have to give a lot, either. It's entirely up to you how involved in the movements you get.


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Carpe Noctem
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Location: Spokane, WA
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I'm supposed to go for the first time on Tuesday. I'll probably make an ass of myself, but no one I know goes to Zumba anyway so who cares? It won't be the most embarassing I've ever looked in public, haha.

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Sliding back down the rabbit hole
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So as far as I understand you will be with a group of people who will look just as ridiculous as everyone else. =)

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Ninja Orange
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I've done it before, it's a lot of fun. You just stand behind the teacher and try to repeat what s/he is doing. Don't worry, everyone looks ridiculous, but it's a great laugh. I really enjoyed it.

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