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Story About Us

But This Time I Mean It
“But this time I mean it.”
“You said that last time.”
“I didn’t mean it as much last time. I didn’t… care as much.”
“Er. Thanks, babe.”
“You know I don’t mean it like that, I-”
“Yeah, you did, babe.”
“DON’T tell me what I meant.”
And there it is. That dangerous glint. But you’re not backing down.
“So what did you mean?”
“I only meant… I didn’t care enough, I didn’t pay enough attention. To me… to you… to anything, really.”
“So what’s different this time?”
“I wish you wouldn’t light that in here.”
“Are we really going to talk about my smoking now?”
“No. Sorry. I…”
“Because I really don’t think you have the right, after what you did last night…”
“I told you, I don’t remember!”
“You never do, do you.”
“You don’t believe me.”
“I just think it’s a bit odd that whenever something like that happens you conveniently don’t remember.”
“You think this is convenient for me?”
“I didn’t mean…”
“Cos it isn’t. It’s not f***ing convenient.”
“Calm down.”
“Don’t tell me to calm down and would you f***ing put that out please?”
“You’re not sorry at all, are you?”
“Look, one more chance. It’ll be different this time. I mean it this time. I am sorry.”
“Oh you’re always sorry.”
“I’m always sorry… I’m not sorry at all… make your mind up, ‘babe’.”
“Don’t talk to me like that!”
“I’ll talk to you however the f*** I- s***… I… I’m-”
“And I’m sorry about last night. I wasn’t…”
“Sorry for what, though?”
“What about last night?”
“I don’t…”
“You don’t remember.”
“No. I’m sorry. But I promise…”

You tune out and let go.

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