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What to post / What not to Post in this Forum

Welcome to the Abuse and Bullying Support Board!

This board covers all areas of Abuse, including school and workplace bullying, sexual, physical and mental abuse. With such a wide ranging, and potentially highly triggering topics being clear on the Labelling Guidelines is a must. Many members that are on this board have suffered under some form of abuse and are very supportive and give very caring advice, so don't be shy, speak up!

A highly useful source of information comes in the form of a thread at top of this board called: The Abuse and Bullying Mini Encyclopedia. This contains various helplines for all round the world and handy articles that may just answer some questions you have. We also have an Abuse and Bullying section on the main site containing more useful articles written by members of RYL.

If you ever see a post that you feel is going against the Terms and Conditions of the forum you can contact the main moderator of the forum, Amaryllis, however any forum moderator can address your concern and a full list of Moderators can be found [here].

And remember if the serious posts are starting to get a little to much for you, come chill out at the coffee shop for awhile and recharge your batteries :).

What should be posted on the Abuse and Bullying Board:

* Threads requesting advice/ needing support on Abuse or Bullying.
* Any relating issues, Eg. Flashbacks, Home Schooling, Therapy.

What should not be posted on the Abuse and Bullying Board:

* Personal/private information such as email addresses or phone numbers.

* Posts asking for support/advice on different subjects should either be placed on their specific board like the Mental Health Discussion and Support, or a more general one such as either Serious Discussion or General Support and Advice.

* Any pictures of yourself or other members should be posted on the Picture board.

* Any questions about issues on the forums or with your account should be kept to the Forum and Community Questions board.

* Suicide / goodbye threads, as these are not permitted on RYL (see Terms and Conditions for more information).

Thanks :)

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How to label threads correctly in the Abuse and Bullying forum. [please read].

This board is here so you can talk about an issues you have regarding sexual, physical or emotion abuse, and bullying. Due to the nature of this board, please keep in mind that all threads may be triggering, and please use these trigger labels as necessary.
  • Contains abuse - for when your thread talks about emotional or physical abuse.
  • Contains sexual abuse - for when your thread talks about sexual abuse.
  • Contains bullying - for when your thread talks about bullying.

Please remember to also abide by the RYL rules.


The forum moderators and the community team.

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