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How to return to work

I have been off work for 2 months with depression. I have been to occupational health and I'm almost ready to go back my sick note runs out in 2 weeks and she suggested 2 weeks phased return while I get used to my medication but then said I have to use my holidays to make up the extra hours of phased return so I said no and shes fine with that, she said I can take the 2 weeks sick and come back to work full time mid June.

I checked with hr and they will pay for me to have phased return full time pay without using my holidays.

So now I do have the option of phased return or straight back to work full time and I dont know which one is best. Does anyone have any thoughts??

The only thing about the phased return is I have 2 appointments I'd need time off for during it and work are already annoyed with me taking time off for appointments so I dont want them to be annoyed before I even start.


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I think a phased return would definitely be the best way to go. 2 months is a long time to have off and it could be quite overwhelming if you do too much too quickly.

You could always arrange your phased return days around the appointments? If you're not expected to be in work anyway then you won't technically be missing work. Just be honest with HR about it and I'm sure they will find a good way that works for both of you. It sounds like they've been understanding about having to use holiday days so hopefully they will be about the appointments too.

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I think everyone's different, and for me personally jumping back into the swing of things is better once you get over the first hurdle and anticipation of going back. For other people doing it slowly helps them.

What you could do is ask for the phased return and do it, then if you feel ready before it's up to be full time tell them/do that. That way you've got the option in place and can do it, but if you feel up to more you can do that too. Where if you say no and end up overwhelmed, it's harder to put in place.

Accommodating appointments should hopefully be an option as well.

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