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My family takes everyones mental health seriously exept mine

Ok so everyone in my family has been diagnosed with mental health issues except me and my family always throws it in my face that I'm not allowed to struggle because I'm mentally healthy... but here I am struggling worse than ever and I want help and I want to get tested for mental health problems but I can't because I'm the one ok person in my family but I'm trying to tell them that I'm not and they laugh it off... don't my issues deserve to be taken seriously, too? Help?
Am I being the unreasonable one? I mean last I checked mental health problems can totally come in at age 14... my age... am I wrong?

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You're totally right, mental health issues can happen at any age and deserve to be taken seriously. I'm not sure what to suggest if your family are refusing to support you to see somebody... If you're in the UK you could make a GP appt yourself, but I'm thinking maybe you're not in the UK? In which case, it could be worth talking to a teacher or counsellor at school who might be better equipped to help you find support or to liaise with your family.

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But heres the issue:
The teachers at my school would tell the counsellors, so I might as well just tell them first and get it over with, right? The issue though is that the counsellors will tell my parents because they aren't trained to deal with my kind of issues so they have to tell your parents so that they can get you proper help, but my parents would just scream that I don't understand real issues and make things worse for me without allowing me proper care because I "don't have mental struggles". Well if thats so true, why are they so freaking afraid to let me ask for help???

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