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Not accepting forced invitations

Has anyone ever rejected an invitation from someone due to that person being forced to invite you? I believe when this happens, the invitation is not genuine since the only reason they invited you is because someone told them too. I've had this happen many times but the most recent I'll use as an example. I was at a friend's house for an event. After the event was over, her brother and his friends were heading out to his friend's house. I am not close to her brother, I know him but I'm not friends with him. And we are not friends with his friends. Well as they were heading out, my friend's mother told him he needs to invite me and my friend, which I found odd since we're all adults.

He invited us because my friend's mother told him to but we both declined. In situations like that, I believe people who are forced to invite you are only doing so out of obligation. Do you believe forced invites are genuine? Have you ever accepted an invitation that was forced? I feel like when this happens, the person who was forced to invite someone else is secretly hoping their invitation was turned down. If they really wanted someone to tag along, they would have invited the person without being told to do so. That's why I never accept forced invitations. Have you ever been forced to invite someone and secretly hope they decline? Just wondered.

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I don't know if I'm being too literal, but I think a forced invite by definition is not genuine?

In the scenario you described, it does sound a little unusual and I think I'd need to know more in order to decide for sure what was going on. If it mattered a lot to you, you could maybe ask your friend if she knew why her mum had done that.

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