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Personal Piece- Contains upsetting material - brother of mine

I am lonely, brother of mine
you stepped out of the ruins
and left me behind

you were never wished for
but still, you arrived
a blue surprise

they never let you know
but your ears were no match
for the brightness of your soul

brother of mine
the photo albums don't lie
each trapped moment is a lonesome cry

the ogre has stomped into the house
his pit bull jaws, menacing
the sugar in the rum did not appease him

you stare, mouth gaping open
he needs release
to let off steam

the lustered buckle meets your lanky back
tearful brother of mine,
you know its always justified

I held your tender, small hand
I guided you through the tall grass
but there was never enough love
" long as he doesn't starve..."

you let go of my hand
no words for me to understand
youre displaced under this ashen sky

portions of memoirs are now your remnants
brother of mine

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