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Reviews Requested- Safe - Super Short Fiction Piece!

I watched. I watched as she slowly disintegrated. After her death, everybody kept saying how it had come as such a shock, how could someone so happy and cheerful do something like that? But it wasn’t a shock. Not to me. I saw her eyes sink farther and farther down, losing their light. I saw as she got so thin you could count each and every bone in her body. I saw the bracelets and bandages slowly appear on her wrists, never to come off. I saw her flinch every time someone made a sudden move towards her, the fear flickering in her eyes. I saw the bruises, the blood, the absences. I saw everything, but did nothing.

I watched her die.

Clean from cutting, burning, bulimic attempts, and selective muteism since February 18th, 2014.

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i love it, you write beautifully. it is very descriptive. i don't think you should change anything about it. keep writing! :)

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that would b great to put on the back cover of the book. it would definitely grab people's attention

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