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Reviews Requested- Contains upsetting material - My Voice Fades... a poem

This poem is something which I have been debating about performing. Part of me thinks I should, but then there is part which wonders if it's a bad idea. Anyway, I thought I would post it and get some critque. This is "My Voice Fades..."

My voice fades

My voice fades into the memory of a night so long ago that it feels like a distant dream.
A dream of starfire and lightning, burning through the clouds of a cold winter night.
A night when I stood in the dark and wondered at the stars high above me.
A night when I listened to the silence of a thousand lost screams never to be screamed.
Of souls who travel through the world never knowing when their journeys end will come to pass.
I cry... I cry at the knowledge that I hear this. That I see this. That those of us here present have
at one point, had this feeling, but will never know it.

As I walk towards the light at the end of the darkness
I feel no fear
I feel no doubt
I feel no sadness
I feel nothing.

The Exogenesis Symphony is playing in my head as the light gets closer.
Closer to a place that I shouldn't be..... at least no yet.
Suddenly, as if my mind was trying to wake me, I hear a voice drowning out the music....
A voice that I am unfamiliar with.
“Come forth child and listen to the night as it beckons the very heart of that which makes you human”
I hear it... louder and louder, it fills my ears. It fills my heart with love but at the same time...


Dread of that which is yet to come.
Dread of that which has yet to envelope my world.
My world of which I am departing without knowing.
I float in the night sky, waiting for the signal to fall back down to earth... to forgive that cardinal sin
to which I am committed.

It never comes....

I fear that which has come to pass now.
That which takes my voice and carries from me.

As If by some magic that has yet to be discovered, A mirror appears before my eyes and in it....
My reflection. But not....
It waves back at me as it fades into that darkness beyond the glass.
A tear rolls down my cheek as I realize that now, there is no return from the void which
I have cast myself into. There is no return from that which cannot be returned.

One pill to many.... One drink to many... One life... too few.

‎"Damaged people are dangerous because we know we can survive"

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while reading it, is as if im also feeling it

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