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"It's how you choose to handle things."

That was my friend's response to my anxiety problems.

So essentially, Anxiety doesn't exist in his world. Like I would really choose to have panic attacks, always be on edge, socially awkward, afraid of people, obsessive-compulsive, etc.

I'm just so annoyed with him right now that I don't even want to see him. So I'm not going to for awhile.

Has anyone else gotten this type of reaction from people? They just don't get it?


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I've had that reaction as well.

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alternate reality, I can understand your point. However, I am pretty certain that he wasn't referring to how my body was reacting, it felt more like a jab at me/as if it was my fault or something that I could control...If that makes sense? I felt like the way he said it connotated this notion from his point of view: "Well I would handle X situation this way, so you should be able to as well." Maybe I was the one who misinterpreted, or maybe I am taking it too personally?

Anyways, I think part of the issue is that I have other frustrations with him: He's the type of person that has to *always* be right, have the last say, etc. So it's impossible to prove your point. Despite the fact that he has a large knowledge of biology, he has no knowledge of psychology/psychiatry...Yet I feel like explaining things to him would be like talking to a wall. Plus, I have never told him what I've been diagnosed with, and I'm not sure I am comfortable with doing that. Ugh. He's just one of those people that has never been depressed, anxious, suicidal, or had problems with other self-destructive behaviors. (And I hate him for that, lol.)

Sorry for that rant, but maybe it was good for me to get that off my chest. I would still like others to share if they have had similar experiences...


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be positive
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to a certain extent i believe this is true.
im not saying anxiety etc doesnt exist but it is managable and its is how you deal with the situation. if you say to yourself that you are not going to let something effect you and remind yourself taht you are in control i think you can try prevent them.

try not to get mad at your friend;;; he was just givin his opinion and we are all entiteled to that.

i know how i deal with things determins alot,.

Some days are still hard but they make the good days seem all the better :)

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