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I am currently:
"Positive" Anxiety.

I don't really know how to best explain this, but I will try,

I have a lot going on at the moment, which is all going to result in good things. I'm looking to move in with my boyfriend in the summer, which is a bit further off than other stuff, and I see it as a positive, but I seem to be freaking out more and more. I really love him and know he will support me and loves me, but the whole concept is freaking me out.

This has been made worse, by the fact I have an interview next Wednesday to get onto a teaching course for next year, meaning within a year in September I could be a teacher. Obviously I am thrilled to get an interview, but aspects of it are stressing me out. I was in tears the other night and awake for ages last night freaking out about the maths skills test I have to take.

If I can't deal with that stress, how will I cope with working and training? I made a decision to stop allowing my MH to hold me back, and make me scared of things, kind of "feel the fear and do it anyway" type logic, but I am so anxious I feel sick and am having trouble sleeping.

How do I deal with this, I want these things, but my mind/body is reacting in the only way it knows how - to be anxious and panicky and wanting to hide. I sound so ungrateful, my life has changed for the positive, but its hard to accept that I react like this even about good things.

I know nerves are normal, I just feel like mine is amplified to fully fledged anxiety, and I don't know what to do. I want to do this teaching, I don't want my MH to control my life anymore but I don't know what to do.

I exercise, and read and socialise and all the things I "should" do. They work, then it gets to about now in the evening when I am alone with my head and I'm up with all these thoughts.

Any ideas or thoughts or reassurance would be fab.

Sorry this is long.

"If only everyone could know and live with their inner craziness…people would be fairer and happier."
Paulo Coelho

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I am currently:

hiya, i want you to know that i really relate to a lot of this.
I want to say that even for positive things in life anxiety is totally normal.
Its the changes and newness of things and doing things you are not familiar with and also an interview can be scary because it can feel like you are being judged.

I know you are getting really anxious for this stuff and feel like you shouldnt be because its for good things, but unfortunately anxiety likes to hit us whenever even at times when we think its illogical to be anxious and i often feel too that my anxiety is disproportionate to the situation but like you said our body just reacts.

It might be helpful to write out what your anxious thoughts are and then challenge them?
And also to do deep breathing or relaxation techniques/meditation to calm your nerves.
If you feel like your anxiety is getting too much would you be able to speak to a professional about it?

Also i know you are feeling anxious about not being able to cope with the job/training, but i really do think its just about it being new and the anxiety will go when you settle in and you will do great!


♥ .I'm going to fall like I don't need saving. ♥
...My smile's just the armour I built when I was alone...

There was some part of me that hurt so badly, that I wouldn't ever be able to forget it.
It faded but the memories could bring it back any second, keeping me in the moment.
It would never fully heal. I could never really be free. I could never really be fixed.
Now I just have to work out how to live whilst being broken.
I feel like I'm dying.

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I am currently:

I can relate too. I am currently faced with graduation and a job interview next week. I have been in panic mode all day. I think that it is resistance to change and very hard to deal with even if change is good.

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I am currently:

Thank you both.

I definately find change hard.

I will try and write some bits out, I used to do that and slacked off!

I see my therapist tonight so might ask her about it and see if she has any wisdom.

"If only everyone could know and live with their inner craziness…people would be fairer and happier."
Paulo Coelho

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Aww, good luck love, i hope everything turns out okay for you. Your such a wonderful and strong person.
All the best, and keep your chin up:)

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