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i don't know what To Do Any More. I Am Going To Support Groups And Classes And A Psychiatrist. But I Still Have Relapses. Feeling Very Lonely And Not Understood. My Husband Is Gone For Months At A Time And I Am Getting No Support From Him At All. Even When I Was Hospitalized He Didn't Reach Out To Me. I Need Advice. I Thought I Had A Good Day Today. But Here It Is 1Am I Can't Sleep, My Mind Is Racing, And I Relapsed.

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It's good that you're going to support groups and therapy, but you still have to understand that EVERYONE will relapse at some point in recovery, but you will reach a point where you can deal and overcome with urges. I believe in you, you CAN recover from this.
I suggest talking to your husband about how you feel, he may not understand what you are going through and he may feel helpless at this point, so you need to help him understand. You have to understand that he hasn't been through this, therefore he will be clueless on how to help.
If you need anyone to talk to, i'm here, just pm me and ill be happy to help you :)
- Lauren :)

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