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Never knowing...a helping hand or hell to pay?
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Loooong quiz

How is your day going so far?
So so.

What are you doing tomorrow?
*shrug* maybe Tesco.

What's your favorite color?

Are you watching television?
It's paused.

What are you watching?

Do you watch any really lame shows?

Are you a bitch?
I can be.

Is there anyone of the opposite sex that you trust?

Do you hook up with random people?
Not as a general rule.

Are you afraid to fall in love?

Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance?

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

What kind of mood are you in?

Do you take naps?

What time do you go to bed?
When I feel inclined.

Have you ever watched the show 'Bad Girls Club'..?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Do you get jealous easily?

Have you ever purposly made someone jealous?
Probably when younger, ain't nobody got time for that now.

Last beverage?

Quick lyric from the last song you listened to?
You're in the mood for dance.

Do you let things go to your head?

What kind of shampoo do you use?
An anti tangle thing from my hairdresser's.

Have you ever felt completley defeated?

Are you one to just give up?
Not generally, but it has been known.

Do you know how to let go?
Still working on that.

What is your favorite pair of shoes you own?
Hard one...Flowery Docs I suppose.

Do you regret anything?
You have no idea.

If you could go back and change 1 thing.. what would it be?
Picking up that first...

Do you have your own tv?

What are you looking forward to?
Potentially this Irish thing.

Is there someone you need to fix things with?

Do you have a laptop?

Are you an outgoing person?
It can seem that way.

What was the last thing you purchased online?
Hair dye.

Quick quote..
'I am what you might call a hooligan'-Emmeline Pankhurst.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
I sure hope not.

What kind of hair spray do you use?
Whatever looks like it might work and is cheap, Tresemme currently.

What movie/s do you really wanna see?
The new Mary Poppins amongst others.

Who makes you feel better when you're dying inside?
My dog.

Is there someone you just can't get enough of?
Does Halle Berry count :P

What helps you relax?
Lavender stuff.

What color is your bra?

!@#$%^&*.. when you see that, what comes to mind?

Does goodbye hurt?

Have you ever been so tired that your eyes burned?

Do you have an online game that you play often?

Are you sitting in a spiny chair at the moment?

Do you honestly believe the world is going to end in 2012?
Well we'd be pretty screwed if it did, it's 2019.

Look to your left, what do you see?
A HP cup.

How's the weather where you are?
Cold but not too bad.

What is currently sore in your body at the moment?
Nothing especially for once, just usual leg pain.

Name one close person you've never had a fight with?
Everyone has disagreements.

What was the name of the last pet of yours that died?

Any movies out that you'd like to go see?

Are you currently dating anyone? If so, who?
No. N/A

What color is the couch closest to you?

What is an old TV show that's not on anymore that you wish was?
Bad girls.

Are you looking forward to anything this week?
I don't know.

Do you wear glasses?

Do have another internet window/tab open? If so, what site are you on?
Facebook, an advertisement for a St Patrick's day thing, my email, a survey thing.

What's the longest you've gone without taking to someone when you were mad?
Lets not go there.

How many lights are on in the room you're in?

What's the last thing you ate?
Baked beans.

Do you wish you could sprout another arm to make life easier?
If it didn't look weird yes that would be invaluable as my legs are pretty useless.

Do you know how to drive?

Which are you better at, Math or English?
English by far.

What's your favourite channel on the TV?

How long does it take you to normally take a shower?
Not too long.

Is your bedroom clean? If it's not, when do you plan on cleaning it?
Shut up.

What's the first item you see that's on the floor in the room you're in?
A pair of boots.

Have you ever burned incense before?

Ever been on a picnic?

What color is your cell phone?

Most people don't seem to like you.
I wouldn't say most.

Sometimes you cry and you don't know why.

You're pretty depressed.
It has been known.

You're pretty ****ed up.

You're still a minor.

You're really upset Harry Potter's over. =(

You're very smart.
Some say so, I disagree.

You've always been an honour-roll student.
Not exactly.

You're impulsive and selfish.
It has been known.

You don't want to live to be older than 25.
Bit late for that, I'm 26.

You went to see The Lion King 3D with friends older than 17.

You're more likely to cry than show signs of anger.

You love skiing and snowboarding.
I think I'd enjoy if it were possible.

You get pretty much everything you want.
HA no.

You're **** at maths.

Elephants are your favourite animal.
One of yes.

You expect people to leave you, hurt you, or let you down somehow.

You don't like it when you have feelings for someone.

You're very materialistic.
It has been known :P

Autumn is your favourite season.
That or Spring.

You love Yankee Candles.
Not especially.

You find it hard to type and text with longer nails.
I don't ever have long nails so no problem.

You can play a piano.
No. Wish I could.

You own a ukulele.

You don't look your age at all.
Debatable point.

You possess some awful qualities.
Yes. Definitely.

You're either feeling overly confident/arrogant or insanely insecure.
I guess.

You knit.

You don't like knitting, but you like the results.
Others' results yeah, mine are ****.

You've lost someone over a year ago + still haven't accepted it.

You hate easier than you love.
I don't know.

You watch movies according to the actors rather than the plot.
Bit of both.

You're not exactly proud of yourself.
I loathe everything about myself.

You wish someone would tell you exactly how to fix yourself.

You're used to people trying to buy your love.
It has been known in the past.

You look down on people for catty/trivial reasons.
Probably at some point. Especially if they're right wing...but is that trivial? *ponders*

You think its should be *it's*, because the action or w/e belongs to *it*.

You feel most uncomfortable around the people you're closest to.

You have a beautiful smile.
HA no.

Your hair is past your ribcage.
I wish.

Your hair is very dark and wavy.
Yes wavy naturally dark, as dyed deep blue.

You can't wait until you're old enough to run away from your life.
I don't think you ever get old enough to do that.

You can't wait to be away from your family for good.
The family I have left are important to me.

You don't usually sleep, just lie and daydream for a few hours at night.
I sleep but not always enough.

You love Brazil nuts.
Ew no.

You love bright shades of orange.

Autumn colors are the prettiest.
They are pretty, not sure of the prettiest.

You flirt with people you aren't even interested in.
It has been known.

You're ARE usually quiet when you haven't much nice to say.

You judge people by how they look.
To a degree, but not massively. I did more when younger.

You're not so much controlled as you are delusional.
Shut up.

Emotionally, you're very weak.

Your dad spends most of his time in another country.

You're either dressed very fashionable, or very rich, hipster-ish.

Your ribs hurt.

You've met up with complete strangers from the www.

You actually like Taylor Swift.

You like Justin Bieber.

You get annoyed when people think they're cute for dissing a celeb.
Depends on the celeb and the subject of the diss.

You like Selena Gomez. (-:
I feel like I should know who that is.

You don't eat meat.
*noms burger*

You don't necessarily think you're right.

But you don't think anyone else is right either.

When you're at home, you're either in your room or your bathroom.
I'm usually in my living room.

You're mostly not home.
Mostly home. It's depressing.

You bring your Mac with you almost everywhere you go.

You have to have all of the latest Apple products.
No or I'd be in serious debt.

You're hopelessly in love with someone you also hate.

You get pets you think are cute and end up getting rid of them.

You don't like being responsible for something/(one) else.
It depends if I feel capable of shouldering that responsibility, I don't want to let anyone down.

You're good at making your family think what you want them too.

You're looking forward to the upcoming winter.
It's still here -_-

You were on a fencing team when you were younger.

It's rare when music isn't BLASTING in your room.

You buy a hella lot of clothes online.

You're learning French and surprised at how easy it is for you.

You have a dinosaur encyclopedia meant for a child.

You have thought you could force yourself to be some kind of perfect.
Yes HA.

You love being stupid with friends because you love to laugh.

You're currently trying to dig yourself out of a hole you've made.

You always hurt the people you care about most.
Often that is the way it goes.

People, even people you don't know, are always trying to fix you.

You're so afraid of having regrets and wasting your youth.

'Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.'

['What are you really holding onto? Life is a tight rope and you're burning burning burning both ends.']

'I wish I was the monster you think I am.'

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