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Triggering (SI) - fragments of whats been going on for me....

Its been awhile cos my computer wasnt working for atleast a week!

I dont know what self injury means to me, does for me etc but i am confused.

My tutor wants me to stop self injury.

My counsellor wants to start exploring stuff about me and self injury. I think that he wants me to give it up first.

My friend says that i can talk to her about self injury.... cause she does it every few months or something.... but i dont know.

I feel alone. I always crave it, but i feel that im letting soo many people down who care about me.

Letting myself down seems to be a whole different thing.

Not many people understand outside RYL or MSN. I wish i could tell my parents that is why i am on the computer soo much.... but i cant....


sorry i am not in a good headspace atm.

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hey, sorry things are so tough atm

people telling you to stop self injury is fair enough, but i know its not as simple as that. if you are not ready to stop at the moment and as long a your safe thats understanable here. I think working with a counsellor to uncover the reasons why you self unjure is a good idea because then once you have worked out why and are working through why you may not need to turn to it as much

and to the other people maybe tell them you are trying to work through it your best and maybe explain about si being a coping mechcanism?

take care, were here if you need us feel free to post xxx

"If only everyone could know and live with their inner craziness…people would be fairer and happier."
Paulo Coelho

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it's great that there are people around you who can support you and help you to stop but by self harming you're not letting them down and they probably understand that it is hard for you, they all sound very caring. them telling you they want you to stop, or talk about the reasons you do it, doesn't mean some big sudden change and if you can't make the change they'll give up., like soem ultimatum. when things happen and coincide sometimes it can feel like too much but really you are strong enough to cope. i'm sure your tutor and friend and counsellor aren't pressuting you intentionally, though it might feel that way, they want to show you they care

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I can relate to what you say ,
I don't have anything to add not even a useful advice *hugs so tight*

PM anytime x

A little angel fell into my arms at the 7th of december 2010
xx Angel my babysisterxx

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