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my scars. help!! :(

About 2 weeks before christmas i broke down and so i cut. The scars are really really dark purple kind of colour and im scared its infected or something. they feel thick. this has never happened before. I dont want my dad finding out and im too nervous about going to the doctors because they give weird looks like your a freak or something. What do I do? please help

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I don't know what to tell you as I have little be safe I would get them checked out. Did you go very deep?
I would post this in First Aid forum as well, you might get more response there. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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they don't soundinfected, i've had a couple like that and i think it's either to do with depth or what the tissue was like.

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I agree with Waiting In The Dark.. A couple of mine are like that, from when I cut deeper (which you prob did if you 'broke down') but if you're worried, you should go to the doctors.. I'm sure they wont look at you odd, it's not like you have to get into detail about how you got them.
Take care *hugs*

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were they pinkish before? scars normaly go purple when its cold

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They sound like keloid scars but nobody on here will be able to say for sure, if so try using cocoa butter to help them fade

but if you are ever worried about any cuts or scars you should go to the doctors to be on the safe side because its not worth the risk.


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