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What & What Not to post / How to label threads in this forum.

Welcome to the Creative Corner. This is a place for you to show off your creative talents by posting your art, poetry, photography, stories and other creative projects for other members to share and enjoy.

What to Post in this forum

* Any posts that display a members' own original creative work, in the forms of drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, fictional and autobiographical stories, poetry and prose.

* Posts that display the creative works of other people that you respect and admire, but ONLY as long as credit is given to the original artist or author of that creative work, by listing the artist's/author's full name in the post ... or ... if the artist's name is unknown, post a weblink or a description of where the creative artwork was located.

What NOT to Post in this forum

* Posts that plagiarize the creative works of others, by trying to pass them off as an original self-created pieces of art.

* Creative artworks that breach the RYL Terms and Condition of posting. For example - showing blood, self harm tools, scenes of suicide or drug use within a piece of artwork; poetry or stories that contain sexually graphic material, or disguised suicide notes or threats

* Posts/threads that are asking for support or advice.

If you have any issues please don't hesitate to contact any of the moderators from this list:
Staff Listings (the ones in red :])

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How to label threads correctly in the creative corner [please read].

How to label threads correctly in the creative corner

A clear list of correct labeling has been produced to try and protect RYL's members who could be accidentally triggered by a post's contents if they do not realise what it contains. RYL's aim is to encourage recovery and the lack of clear labeling and the consequence of accidentally triggering undermines this aim.

Please keep in mind the sensitive nature of many members when posting and remember that a simple label can remove the type of problems mentioned above. Also, please try and post in an appropriate forum so your thread receives the proper attention and advice.

Below is a list of labels and in brackets beside some, the times when to use the different labels. Although there are a lot of these and some are self explanatory, it is very important that you consider with one to use before posting to prevent any potential harm individuals may gain from looking at the post.

List of Labels:

Reviews Requested- Contains upsetting material: The OP would like constructive criticism/advice, and the work may be triggering/graphic to some members.

Reviews Requested- Safe: The OP would like constructive criticism, but the work will not have triggering/graphic material.

Personal Piece- Contains upsetting material: The OP would like comments, but not constructive criticism, and the work may be graphic/triggering to some members.

Personal Piece - Safe: The OP would like comments, but not constructive criticism, but the work will not have triggering/graphic material.

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What NOT to Post on this forum

* Anything that is against the RYL Rules of posting.

* Any thinspirational or 'pro ED' pictures, or any picture where someone is posed in such a way to emphasize or exaggerate body thinness.

* Any pictures that deliberately show off any wounds, cuts, scars or injuries ..... but photos that are posted for any other purpose, where a person's scars may be unintentionally visible in the picture, ARE permitted, as long as they are appropriately labelled as 'scars visible'.

* Any pictures of people who have not given their permission for their photos to be posted on RYL.

* Pictures of people in their underwear, or where any private body parts (genitals, buttocks and breasts) are visible.

* Pictures of yourself or other people in bikinis, or any other swimwear, where the main emphasis and focus of the photo is on the person's body.

By allowing members to post pictures of themelves in swimwear and/or revealing clothes, the RYL administration believes that this would increase the risk of RYL attracting an unsavoury element of people to RYL. Therefore to keep this website as safe as possible from those people who join RYL just to leer and ogle over certain pictures, swimwear photos are not permitted.

* Pictures of anyone engaged in illegal activity.

Thanks! :)

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