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punishing myself *SI*

i didn't put this in the ED forum because i don't have an ED. just sometimes i do things or want to do things which could look like an ED but it's just another way to SH
i just had breakfast and because i was really hungry i had more than i would normally and when i finished i started thinking how greedy that was and how i needed to get rid of the food. i haven't though because i'm scared my mum might realise so i tried to ignore the feeling but i'm feeling more and more guilty. idk what to do, my therapist said if i felt guilty about something i oughtn't, i ought to 'act opposite' but i don't know whether this guilt is rational or not, or how i would 'act opposite'

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Guilt over eating your breakfast is probably not a rational thing. That's just an opinion though. I would reccomend talking it out. Why do you feel guilty? What's making you feel so bad over this particular thing right now? Purging the food probably won't make you feel any less guilty (in fact, personal experience says it'll be something new to be guilty about). So, think of something less destructive to do right now. Try to get your mind off of all of this. Purging is very harmful for your body and it's an addictive habit, don't do it.

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your probably right, at least, i kind of hope you are because now i think about purging and i remember it hurts. i guess that means the guilt is going. i just feel like food is wasted on me, especially if it tastes good or satisfies me. i don't know what to do instead, i'm worried of making the guilt bigger choosing the wrong thing

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No , hun don't purge you need to eat so your body functions well ...
Will distraction help you so you'd ignore the guilt ? The big distraction list[link] and the The fun and distraction forum [link].

EDs are another for of SH , look at the home page of the site what does it say ? The way you think about food is not the healthy way of thinking i really hope you'd talk to your therapist about it so you won't develop an ED .

Take care ,

PM anytime x

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wow that was a long list thank you. i'm feeling a little better too

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