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Colors of awareness bracelets?

I saw a post kind of like this a few weeks ago but now i can't find if anyone can give me the link that'd be great. But anyway, I want to make an awareness bracelet for myself and I heard there were different variations of how many white beads to put on it depending on the stage of how can I find out how many white beads I should have? I've gone two months without and I'm trying to stop all together. I'm confused!

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not sure either... all orange and one white is trying to stop, all white is free, all white and one orange is one year sh-free, i think the others are: 3 moths - one quarter of all are white, 6 moths - half of all are white, 9 months - three quarters of all are white. but i'm not sure.

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*bump for someone to answer who hopefully know for definite as I would only be guessing*

I know they are 1 month, 3, 6 and a year I think.

Well done with the two months... keep it up love.

Chloe x

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I don't know what the "right" number is but I just made my own bracelet and chose my own color's one that I plan to wear for as long as I like, I probably won't make new ones for my stages of recovery.

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as an idea why dont you have a look at the braclets in the shop to see if they can give you any ideas

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i have the 6 month one. 7 orange beads and 19 white ones. basically 1/4 orange. 3 months is half and half and 1 months is 1/4 white. congrats on your recovery!!!

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