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Hope Springs
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Hello Everyone

I am a writer for my hometown newspaper. Married 14 years, no kids but raised my step kids of whom my husband has custody. Happily married...most of the time. I am all about the positive: positive thinking, finding the positive in every situation, even positive speech. "No" is considered the most negative word so I avoid using it. If one of my children asks for something unreasonable, I say, "Does that sound like something I"d let you do?" I'm currently working on a book about how to deal with toxic people. I'm passionate about community: sports, theater, anything that turns a piece of land and its inhabitants into a close knit faction. And I love to help people.

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The Shadow of the Day
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Hi, welcome to RYL. I hope you find it helpful here. Take care.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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Toxic people sounds like an interesting subject. Based on my own therapy the toxic people never truly realize that they are such since they rarely seek any form of therapy. The ones they harm usually do seek it, in one way or another, in places like this or in my therapists office every week.

Good luck writing your book.

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Welcome ��. Hope you find this a good outlet for you.

I am still me no matter what SIZEor shape I am!

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Straight 3
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Welcome to the forum :)

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