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No response to my Haldon post.... REALLY needing reassurance folks!

Hi folks.
I posted something about an imminent IP admission to Haldon Exeter and I'm so scared but I've had no responses! Is there ANYONE who has some help and reassurance???? I'm terrified! 💖💖

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I'm sorry you didn't get a reply. I do remember reading your post but have no specific experience or anything to share.

I can offer reassurance though. Do you think it's the best thing for you to be doing right now? Have you been somewhere like that before?

Apologies for all the questions but answering them might make you realise it's the best place for you to get some help right now.

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Hey I had a friend who went there they seem to be quite good from what she said and they don't from the sounds of things focus just on weight but on emotions and mental health more generally I think they r good from what I have heard but I haven't actually been there myself I hope you can get the help u need from them and that it helps on the road to recovery

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Closing due to age. Felix81, feel free to PM a moderator if you would like this thread reopening.

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