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Sickk of trying, tiredd of crying...
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: New York
I am currently:
Tell Us Your Useless Facts

Tells Explains All.
Tell Me Your Useless Facts.
1.2.6.How Every Many You Want.

I'll Start;
It's 12:54AM in NewYork
GreenDay is playing in the Background.
Boredom is soo over-powering :0

Your Turn!!

"Tell Them To Look Up, Tell Them To Remember The Stars. The Stars Are Always There But We Miss Them In The Clouds And Dirt, We Miss Them In The Storms. Tell Them To Remember Hope. We Have Hope"
-Renee Yohe-

RYL Family : )
[[oxymoron && ForeverFalling are my bigg sisters]]

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Desperate for something
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Wales
I am currently:

1. i have 5 rubiks cubes
2. i have more than 2 months straight playtime of music on my computer
3. i love..D Scrubs *crys
4. i have had around 11680 injections in my life
5. the last 2 times i went to KFC i have been food poisoned


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