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I am currently:
Contains sexual abuse - Previous abuse + gynae problems.


Sorry to post & take up space on this board.

I was wondering if anyone here has experience of abuse & suffers with gynaecological issues or health problems? They don't necessarily have to be related.

I find it hard with the examinations and intimate questions. I had made progress with physical stuff with a trusted friend but it has been set back with the constant invasions.

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I am currently:

haven't had gyne issues, but have had issues with bladder & needed catheters in & out, which involves people prodding around that area.

could u try speaking to the staff involved in your care, so they know what's going on, & if possible, may be able to make it easier to deal with?

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I am a cat
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Ditto with Emma,
I have a lot of bladder problems and have to have people prodding down there a lot, and have catheters and stuff so yeah.
I was raped and abused, but I explained to the staff about my past history and they are really nice, sensitive and gentle.
Maybe you could write them a note??

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I am experiencing similar at the moment. Thankfully I explained to my GP and she has been really understanding but I haven't made it to the hospital yet for their examinations. x

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I have history of both. They always ask if I've been abused before they start poking around, incase I freak out..however I always lie.

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