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My problem

I don't feel like my eating is a problem.
I am not underweight.
I am not losing weight.
But I am eating substantially less than I should be most days. The only times I eat close to normally is days when my girlfriend or family are in Leeds. That isn't very often.
I don't feel like I am fat. Rather that I am not thin.
I am not trying to lose weight by eating less. I am eating less because I simply cannot stand eating anymore. Because the idea of fueling my body seems pointless.
I spend longer than I should in the mirror, picking faults.
I plan a whole day's meals but spend so long antagonising over it I don't eat what I planned anyway.
I sleep because I barely have the energy to walk to the shops. I shake by the time I get there.
I don't tell the professionals because they tell me so long as I'm not losing weight I'm fine.
But somewhere in me, not being able to do things because of it is a problem. I don't know what to do about it anymore.

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About not wanting to eat because it's fuel: is there something making you unhappy to the point of you not seeing the point in giving yourself energy at all?

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Depression can diminish appetite. Could it maybe be something along those lines? And if you eat better when your girlfriend or family are around....maybe your being lonely or feeling alone could be making eating an upsetting time? Meals are usually presented as a social timme so perhaps being on your own and having to eat alone is bothering you.
I'm not sure about any of this...I'm just throwing out ideas in hopes that one may help. Try to keep your head up.

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It's not about the weight hun. It's the thoughts and behaviors. It sounds like you are really depressed and that's what is triggering this not wanting to fuel your body. Are you suicidal? Or is this a form of self harm?

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