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Roommate Sick Times + Work Conflicts


So my best friend lives with me in my apartment complex. Now he's doesn't work or have mode of transportation, but he does work around the apartment, sort of like a housewife thing, so that's fine with me.

Lately however, there is one really big problem we deal with and that's whenever he gets sick. Now I love my job and I could request time off for me or family if I had any. The problem however is that legally, he is not considered family. In the eyes of work he's just some dude. He is presently fighting a cyst that is rather painful, but he can take care of himself and he's on his way to getting better.

What's happening though is I don't know what to do as far as getting a Dr's appointment goes. The primary care Dr's only work 9-5 which is my workday. The only thing I can do is sort of flex my hours, work off the time I miss later in the week. Now I think some of the issues I'm concerned about could be resolved by getting an Uber up to his Dr, but another bad thing about him is that he is very introverted, he gets very uncomfortable around other people unless I'm around, ergo he doesn't want to ride an Uber, he wants me to take him a lot of the time.

I'm not really sure how to approach this problem w/o just ordering him that he needs to Uber sometimes. This problem did get me in trouble at work one time, it's like I love both my job and him almost equally. So I don't want to lose my job, nor do I want to upset him. The rational part of my brain just says "just tell him to suck it up" but I see that as harsh.

This problem is really challenging for me. I have a heart of gold and I don't like upsetting people, but sometimes it costs my own expense. Does anyone have advice for me?

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I think you need to be quite definite with him so that he knows he needs to think of alternatives. So not ‘I’m not sure how I can make this appointment fit around work’, but ‘I can’t take you there because of work’. That makes it clear that the onus is on him to come up with a solution, rather than for you to compromise your employment. Not every time if you can flex your hours occasionally and are willing to do that, but just sometimes to start with. Maybe you could offer for both of you to ride an Uber together at first to help him get used to it.

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