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Moving for a job

So, I've accepted a job but it's across the country. Anyone here who recognizes me should know that I don't make friends easy. I'm actually a bit nervous about picking up and moving 1700 miles away. Anyone have experience moving that far for a job?

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No further than a few hundred miles for me, but you could look at it as a fresh new start. Nobody where you are going will know your history of finding it hard to make friends. You could try out a newer easier-going version of yourself, or whatever might be fun.

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I don't have similar experience, but I wanted to wish you luck. I hope it goes well for you.

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yup.... I moved to France, East Africa and USA for different jobs, then when my work permit expired had to pick a job in pretty much whichever area of UK I could find one, and move there. Been in this area 10 years now.... got a couple of good friends (something which I never thought possible) and although I did not stay in the job long, it got me on my feet, and I have stayed in the area, and am in my 5th job since moving here

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I didn't move quite that far away, but I did move to the opposite side of a mediumish state. What worked for me was hobby groups and exercise classes.

The first year was very rough. I hadn't been that lonely for friendship for awhile.

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