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So I have a few questions.

Let me start this off by saying yesterday was a REALLY good day! I mean, I guess it wasn't the best day ever, but some things finally started making sense. And I made a deadline. I do have a few questions to ask about what happened and what was said, though. Just to get another view of perspective.

First off, I got my stitches taken out. Which was cool.

Then, I went to my therapist, even after missing my last appointment (which I think was around the time I had the symptoms mentioned in this thread). I mentioned said thread to him yesterday, and that kind of been the bane of what we talked about, as well as whether it could have been anxiety. Before I revealed more to him, he said he was tempted to have me scanned for ADHD. I then mentioned to him that my brain tends to shut down completely when exposed to stress (especially high stress), and I fall asleep.

He said it may be a form of anxiety that's a third option of "Fight or flight" which he described as "Freeze". Kind of like a deer in the headlights before it decides or figures out it can move, and then proceeds.

I'm wondering if anybody else has had this, or I guess if anybody knows exactly how true (or even common) it is. Or if this could be ADHD?

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Apparently it's very common according to my therapist , I've experienced that reaction too.

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Mkay. Thanks for at least clarifying that a bit more. I'll bring it up tomorrow during our session.

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