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postgrad study part time and staying on benefits??

so iv been claiming esa for a few years now...been in and out of hospital several times with a mental condition....but been stable for a year really messed up my career plans....only eventually graduating with a 2:2 in a general topic which doesnt get me anywhere.

I believe i get the contributory and income related component and im in the support group and currently claim DLA lower component..

i dont know if im going to be reassessed but im going to wait until the uni tells DWP as they have to check im on benefits to claim a discount/fee waiver for the course i want to do anyway!
I believe the course is less than 16 hours and theres no placement.

I have never been asked to go to a work assessed interview i suppose because im in the support group, i just hope i can still claim esa and study

It may come down to me trying to argue why i can do this and not work full time?? any advice peeps?? but it is important as if i cant claim anymore, i wont be able to afford to do the course..and get the career i want unless i get a career dev loan..

im also trying to write a personal statement for the course and want to be careful about mentioning illness as i dont want to come across negatively and want them to think i may not complete the course...i think its important to mention as it shows i have achieved in the face of adversity...

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I know somebody that does Open University part time and receives ESA (they're also in the support group). If the university can actually waiver your fee based on the fact that you are on benefits then I would imagine it may be allowed. That said, it might be worth asking the uni which benefits are considered eligible for the waiver (could be housing benefit as opposed to benefits for those out of work).

With regards personal statement, most postgrad programmes prefer people to justify their interest and ambitions for the programme. If personal resilience contributes to the course, eg something in healthcare, it may be worth mentioning, though for other courses it may be less relevant. There should always be an extra information section where you can explain that illness led to you getting a 2:2 though.

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You can study and be on ESA, I've done it. I didn't get fees waived, I took out tuition fee loans like everyone else. I've had friends do it as well. If you get maintenance grants, then these will count towards your income and you'll lose a bit of ESA.
Look into DSA as well, you can get a lot of support studying, which makes it easier to cope with a disability.

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