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OCD? help ASAP!

hey guys thank you soooooooooo sooooooo much for pressing my thread.
i think i may have OCD...because i ALWAYS like ALWAYS worry that one of my friends are mad at me! i don't even know why! I would even text them randomly just to make sure they are not? I don't even know why, what's wrong with me? When i text them it ends up their not even mad, or their just busy. This has been affecting my life in many ways. I would always be alert when my phone would vibrate, if a particular friend i think i feel are mad at me?
I would get depressed, anxious, irrated, and worried. I would feel so fustrated with myself that I want to punch myself in the face, because i worry about this useless stuff! Please help me guys! im in desperate need of advice! please help!? =( I really need it asap....i hate myself so much

thx for reading this! its mean sooo much

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That sounds like paranoia to me rather than OCD but I know little about OCD so will allow someone else to say something.

I think it would be worthwhile you talking to an adult about this though.


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no, things like that can totally fall under ocd, it is often called "reassurance seeking"... however, no one here is a doctor, so you've got to go to one to realy find out.

if it is ocd, the way to beat it is to force yourself to deal with the anxiety and not do anything about it. if you do that over and over, the anxiety won't come. so at first you could start out by resisting the urge to check if they are ok. then, when you can do that without problems, just to solidify it you could do things that might annoy them on purpose (just small things) and not check, and wait for the anxiety to decrease. if you want to know more about this technique, it is called Exposure Response Prevention. send me a pm if you want more info, i've done a ton of this therapy, and a lot for things kind of like your'e describing

the difference between this and paranoia (at least what i've been told) is that in paranoia the person can't see that it is unreasonable. whereas with ocd that shows up like this, the person knows on some level that it is unreasonable, but cannot stand the doubt of not feeling sure, and then has to ask. and then the reassurance usually only calms the anxiety for a while, so the person will ask multiple times. the obsession is the fear that someone is mad (or annoyed, upset, etc) and the compulsion is asking the person, apologizing really frequently, that sort of thing

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That sounds really difficult and you've had some great advice here, I'm afraid I can't add more but wanted to let you know I read your thread and I hope you are okay. Please be gentle with yourself, sounds like you're going through a really tough time.

Are you in school? Maybe if you have a school counsellor it would be worth speaking with them about the thoughts, and also your depression and self hate. You deserve to feel happy :)

Take care

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i know i feel similar feelings and i dont have OCD I have borderline personality disorder. however just because i feel something similar doesnt mean you could be diagnosed with that, i just think that a lot of peoples feelings lap over, whatever their 'diagnosis' is.

To be honest, i dont think maybe its a diagnosis you need to be focusing on, but how you can manage these feelings.

maybe you could speak to the school counsellor or something, or your mum or someone you trust? it can be helpful talking to someone about how you feel because sometimes things can get so big if we leave it inside our head, but if you talk to someone then it sort of lets it out a bit. like letting the pressure out of a pressure cooker.

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That could be a symptom of OCD, i agree with everyone else. However, if that's the only obsession/compulsion you have, i doubt you'd get a diagnosis as it's particularly had to be diagnosed with OCD for some reason.

I think talking with people about this could really help you, either someone close to you, your parents (prepare for a slightly patronizing response though, a lot of parents don't really class this kind of thing as "important" because they've been through it all before), or even someone on here.

Have you done something you maybe feel guilty for? In the past when i've done something i consider morally wrong, i suffer with paranoia that extends to pretty much everyone i talk to.

Unless you know you've done something that would affect them in a bad manner, i doubt they're going to be mad at you without reason hun.

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