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Zit-picking and update Warning: A bit graphic, and asks about cutting

Hey, I know I haven't been here awhile, and I guess that's a good thing. Aside from one small incident, I've mostly been clean since January, as far as SHing goes. It also seems my depression has gone, but other issues have come to light, such as anxiety and the possibility that I have ADHD. My therapist and I have taken things into matter.

My reason for coming back isn't to do with either of those things. I think it's self-explanatory for me to do what needs to be done in those areas.

I came back because I realized something when I was picking at my umpteen-millionth zit on my arm: I got a kind of rush out of it. How could I tell? I was falling asleep up until then, because I'd spent nearly all night typing a big paper, and time was catching up. Picking at the zit somehow woke me up better than my coffee this morning.

With the mix of knowing that people tend to get addicted to cutting along with that some part of me doesn't want to stop picking at my zits (even though I hate the blasted things), I do wonder: Is it likely that the same process that people get while cutting is what is happening with me when I'm picking my zits?

Please don't get me wrong here. I'm not trying to be curious about cutting. My intent here is to notice a problem, and then take care of it, if said problem exists. I'm simply wondering if the problem I think is happening is actually that problem.

My zits are clearing up faster than ever, but that doesn't mean some of them don't grow back. I want these suckers gone for good.

So I ask again, is it possible that what's going on while I'm picking my zits is at least similar to those who cut? And if so, what are some key steps to getting rid of that?

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The experience of cutting is different for everyone, so its hard to say whether or not this is an equivalent. What I would say is that things like skin picking, hair pulling etc can have similarly 'addictive' properties. But the reasons behind those things is really varied, such as anxiety or poor body image. You say you have ADHD so it could be related to that.

If you want to stop doing this, it might be worth having a go-to distraction technique, something sensory or mentally challenging could be ideal.

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I have dermatomillomania. I find that having something in my hands to fiddle with helps. I have a tangle toy and a squishy plastic thing (sorry can't describe it well) which I fidget with when I feel the need to peel at my skin. I have marks on my body from dermatomillomania but I am trying really hard to stop for the summer at least.

PM me if you want a PDF copy of the ICD-10 or the Mental Health Act 1983/2007. I ALSO HAVE THE DSM-V BOOK and am a pharmacology student.

I have a visual impairment / neurological problems so I need people to type in clear text and no funny fonts. Also excuse any typos, my vision blocks things out.
I have autism and have problems communicating, PMs included.
Just becasue I type well doesn't mean I speak well. I am only part time verbal.

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