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extreme dry mouth

i keep haveing a dry mouth its very dry if i have no juice or water its gets so dry it effects me talking my lips are also dry am on medication
that give me dry mouth but this is extreme
it gets worse when am upset or panicky

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Heidi Tiger
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I've had this as a side effect of medication that was increased by anxiety. It's not pleasant. But I found that sips of liquid or sucking boiled sweets was the best solution. I did get some synthetic saliva from the chemists, but really didn't like it. However it may be worth a shot, if you don't feel like you can be drinking all the time.

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It may help to increase the amount of fluids you drink if you are on a medication that causes you to have a dry mouth. Other options like said already are boiled sweets plus chewing gum. For your lips you can use a moisturiser like vaseline.

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Has your medication changed recently or can you think of anything that occurred around the time that this started?

There's a few possible things that could be the cause, 1 being due to medication, another being due to problems with the salivary glands or the nerves going to them. Being stressed/ really anxious can cause this too.

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sherlock holmes
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I get this due to my medication and it gets worse when I'm anxious or really hot. I do have to keep sipping water throughout the day!

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I get this terribly due to meds. Chewing sugar free gum, drinking water (avoid anything caffeinated) and sucking hard boiled sweets can all help. My dentist advised me not to ignore it and keep my mouth as moist as possible, as dry mouth can make gum disease more likely.

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Really just doing things to help increase salivation, unless you've been directed to do this by medical personnel, isn't the right option. The reasons for this need to be investigated and then they need to look at what, if anything, can be done. It may be that people think I'm looking at this a bit over the top but nerve damage, an imbalance of chemicals, problems with the salivary glands and even problems with the brain as well as meds can cause this and therefore seeing your doctor is important especially as you can develop problems with your mouth, throat, teeth and even your stomach (and potentially further reaching parts of your body) if this continues, never mind problems that can come from the potential cause of it if it's not purely a side effect of the medication.

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lord of luck
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I get this because of my meds too. It helps me to have water with about a tablespoon of lemon juice in the water, it somehow helps more than the water by itself. hope this helps :)

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