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Reviews Requested- Contains upsetting material - some new poems..

What i've done with these poems is taken a line from a song and made the poems around the line.. what do you think?

If only I could tell you.
Iím so glad to see you well,
Really? Canít you hear me yell?
Iím better? Thatís just your view,
Cuz Iím not, if only you knew.
Itís real the thoughts, panic and fear,
But that laugh is fake isnít that clear?
I canít tell you, itís too much for you,
You think you get it, but you have no clue.
Things are getting to be way too hard,
But itís too hard to let down my guard.

Donít judge.
Do you have any idea what itís like when the blade makes you feel alive?
To you itís all just for attention, but for me itís how I survive.
You think itís just a game I play, to feel alive, thatís what I need.
Would it make you feel better, to watch me while I bleed?
Donít judge, you have no idea; youíve never stood with that blade.
Fallen so far to that last resort, what happens next? Iím so afraid.

How much can you see?
I feel your presence just there; please donít stand so close to me,
You keep staring through me and Iím afraid of what youíll see.
Can you hear my thoughts about how I want to cut a vein?
This is all too much; Iím having trouble breathing again.
Youíre still staring; can you see the pain behind my eyes?
You seem disgusted, does that mean you see through my lies?
Part of me somewhere hopes that you can see right through.
Maybe somehow youíll save me? If only you knew.


Crazy isn't being broken or swallowing a dark secret. it's you or me, Amplified.

~ R.I.P. Daddy ~

you have a choice. live or die. every breath is a choice. every minute is a choice. to be or not to be.

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I like what you've done and then created ~ great idea lovely. x

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