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New therapist again and Shrink wont listen

I'm heading into my fourth therapist in 3 years, none of the changes have been of my own accord which is so frustrating i could scream. I'm in my first semester of my masters degree so stress is through the roof and I keep dissociating in my classes I'm sleeping 12 to 20 hours on days when I can and if I'm awake I'm constantly feeling like I'm 2 min from a breakdown. I want to put my foot down with my shrink and try some new meds but it always seems like when i get to an appointment everything is just bypassed and nothing gets changed. Any advice on how to deal with the shrink?

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Do you know of any advocacy services in your area? They could help you be heard. They of course can't make your psych do something they don't agree with but advocacy can help you find ways to get your views across. Have you tried writing things and/or saying that you feel like everything you say is bypassed?

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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I agree about trying to write things down before going to an appointment. It may help you focus on what is said and remember what you want to talk about in appointment.
Don't give up, whatever you do. Hugs

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