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Join Date: Jan 2020
New member here!

Hello! Greetings! New member here, you can call me "Soulstorm" :D

I don't like giving out very specific details about myself, I prefer staying anonymous. I hope you guys understand.

But anyway, I wanna spare you from a tedious intro. and make this thread a little more interesting. I will list out a bunch of qualities about me and I would like to know if there are people here who can relate to me.

1. I have social anxiety and depression.
2. I like sports and fitness.
3. I love electronic music (Deep house, progressive, ethnic lounge, and pop)
4. I love clubbing.
5. I love malls.
6. I love chilling in coffee shops and reading.
7. I LOVE coffee.
8. I am huge fan of science.
9. I am not religious. (Atheist.)
10. I am gay.
11. I love cats.

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The Shadow of the Day
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Location: Scotland

Hi, welcome to RYL. I hope you find it helpful here. I think you will find people can definitely relate to you. Take care.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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Hi Soulstorm, welcome to the forums! It's perfectly understandable to stay anonymous. Most people call me "np".

There are definitely people who will relate to you/who you can relate to here - a few of us have cats (including me)... however I have to strongly disagree with statement number 7. =P

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No one deserves to be forgotten
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hi, its perfectly ok to stay anonymous- i have too ^^ most people just call me Shira ^^"

i can relate to #1, not 2, 3, not 4, *don't know what that is*, 5? nope, 6 & 7 are a no, 8? definitely, 9, nope, 10 maybe? *not sure myself*, 11, yup ^^"

We'll make it together, one small step at a time

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Old 24-01-2020, 11:26 AM   #5
Join Date: Jan 2020

Hi NP it's nice to meet you! Yeah, too much coffee is not good. I have to admit that I do rely on it for some form of motivation to engage in my hobbies. Even though I am passionate about them, I tend to struggle with lethargy because of depression!

Hey Shira, it's nice meeting you as well! �� By clubbing I mean going to clubs and dancing to music!

Thanks for your responses! I am glad to meet new people!

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Join Date: Feb 2020

Hi, I am also a newbie.

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