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C. Mac
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okay to link to relevant threads in different subforums?

for example, the way my self-harm behaviors manifest--both triggers and the actual act itself--are really heavily shaped by the specific patterns of trauma/abuse i've gone through. since abuse talk and primary SI talk are subjects for different subforums, would it be alright for me to link to a post from my abuse thread (with warnings) in one of my own threads, if it was relevant to a behavior of mine i'm trying to figure out?

for example: 'i just realized [X nonstandard method] may be a self-harm thing, which i learned to do as a way to feel safe from [Y instance of abuse]. (i've written more about that [here (link)].) i need to figure out how to put that method out of my reach, pinpoint the underlying trauma logic so i can address it when it pops up, and/or find out what will work best to distract me.'

thoughts? i hope this makes sense.

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The Shadow of the Day
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I think that would be fine. Maybe just write the name of the board you are linking to so for example you could say, I have written more about this here (link) in my thread in the self harm board/whatever board.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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C. Mac
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that makes sense! sweet, thank you for the help!

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I always have a choice
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Yep, I agree that that's fine! It does usually help to keep issues to one thread where possible, so if you did want to keep it all in one thread that would be OK too (does that make sense?)

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