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Triggering (SI/ED) - School Trip.. Means Food.. Help!!

I have thorpe park tomorrow with the school as a leaving trip.
I am excited to go BUT i will be there all day which means they will make us eat.

I can't eat, I have been doing so good not to eat. Like a bowl of cereal a day. I have had nothing today and i plan not to.
I am so worried, How can i pretend i have eaten. Will people catch on to my eating disorder?

I tend to keep my body covered up so they don't notice but i know i am going to get tempted.
Grr things are so difficult!

Need hugs =[

This hungry Feeling from the pit of my stomach. Makes me feel in control.

I will recover one day...

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tired of fighting...
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Hi darling, i can relate and understand to how anxious and panicky you are probably getting about this. Its understandable that you are nervous about it.
A bowl of cereal a day reaaally isnt enough. I know you probably know about all the health risks with starving yourself but please, this is so dangerous for your health.

At RYL, we can not give you tips on how to hide your eating disorder, because we wouldnt be helping you then would we babe, we would be just helping you hide this illness.
Im going to be honest, its going to be hard to get out eating all day without someone questioning, so i think you should prepare your meals.
Perhaps eating healthily throughout the day. Like take a packed lunch where you could have a sandwich, an apple. Then take something light for snacks like fruit again. I can understand how scary this feels when you have been eating so little. But, you really should eat more. Even if you eat truck loads of crap all day, your not going to gaiin alot. If you eat healthily throughout the day, then this will be fine, and will be good for your body. Also, if you eat regularly, you will find you wont get tempted to eat crap as much.
I hope this goes ok for you and good luck.
By the way, are you recieving any kind of help for your ed? I think it would be wise to seek some help. You really dont deserve to have to live with this ed.
x x x

[If you think you can win, then you can win. Faith is necessary to victory]

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Sans Peur
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One thing we cannot do is tell you how to pretend that you have eaten, that would be classed as tip sharing and encouraging your ED.

You NEED to eat, and do you think walking around thorpe park will be as fun if you feel dizzy and ill.Eat something small.Eating doesnt mean gaining weight.Why starve yourself? do you want to ruin a fun day out worrying about what to eat/ trying not to eat.we are all allowed treats sometimes.

Why not take a packed lunch, so then you know what you are eating.

people will make you eat because they care, and teachers have to look after thier students, what if you passed out? the teachers would get the blame for not making sure you are eating.

your body needs atleast 1500 calories a day to function and eating one bowl of cereal is NOT enough and is deffinatly not enough if you sre going to be doing lots of walking.

its your body, do you want to have so many health problems because of an ED? it wont make you happy so why not eat properly and if you feel the need to lose weight then do it the healthy way.

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Perfectly Flawed
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Hun, when you have lunch, have a sandwich a a piece of fruit, they aren't high in fat and you will keep your engery up.

Have fun and take care, i cant really offer any good avice x

I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.

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I think a packed lunch is the way to go, if you take one you will at least have a certain degree of control over what you are eating. Like everyone else says, a bowl of cereal is not enough and it's going to be a long, tiring day so you definitely need to eat more.

Take Care.x

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*cuddles so tight*

try and eat somthing small babe, it'll help keep your energy up, try your best thats all we can ask for.

remember to have fun!

xx <3 helen

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Behind the Smile
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i had a trip to thorpe park
& was really worried
try to eat light snacks
for lots of energy
and enjoy it :)

If we fall,
we don't need self recrimination or blame or anger -
we need a reawakening of our intention
and a willingness to re-commit,
to be whole hearted once again.

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