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Cyber Bullying *May trigger*

I am aware that this is a common subject, and more than half of young internet users have experienced it in some degree.
I myself am no stranger to the odd message or comment on websites of an unpleasant and personal nature - there are just some people out there who enjoy making others miserable.
However, today I experienced a different level on the spectrum of cyber bullying.
My email, myspace and mobile phone details were placed anonymously on a website along with photos of me, requesting money in return for certain ‘services’. For the next few hours my email account and phone were flooded with abusive messages, some containing photos of other people (or parts of other people), but generally derogatory and unjustified comments.
It is something that upset me greatly, and when I searched ryl I found no areas specifically related to cyber bullying, Just bullying as a whole.
So the idea of this thread is to focus particularly on that area,
Have any of you been harassed via the internet? How did you react to it? What did you do? Have you got any advice for members who are being bullied in this manner? Any personal ‘favourites’ in terms of internet safety precautions? Etc…
Go Nuts J

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Carpe Noctem
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Omg! How horrible, did you find out who did that to you?

I've been harassed online, but never to that extent. Most of the time, I just ignore people, because e-fighting is ridiculous.

I don't know what I would do in your situation. Just make sure you safeguard everything you can. Change your passwords, make your myspace private, don't give out your personal info online, etc. etc. etc.

Hope you get it sorted out!

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Never found out who it was.
The trouble with the internet is it doesnt take a lot to find out a lot of personal information.
I mean my contact details are up on i site i own that can be found with some searching around because i run a support group for those with a rare genetic disorder and therefore my phone number and address are accessable.
So i have marked that as members only this afternoon.

But yea, is this something that really bothers people, or do you generally just ignore it like monket.

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I've definitely been harassed, the thing is that I have artistic nude photos up on deviant art, and some people seem to join there simply to find photos of naked chicks. I've gotten some very inappropriate messages, and when I get them, I just tell the guy exactly what I think of him, and he leaves me alone.

But that's not the same as having people I know do it... I don't want to think what that would be like... I think there should be a place specifically for Cyber Bullying! It's great idea. :)


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Most of the bullying i've recieved in my life has been real, and I've never been subjected to cyber-bullying to that extent....


Thats sounds really terrible! If the page is still up, contact the host and they will delete it and block the person's IP address so they can't upload it again

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Is any of this even real?

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cyber bullying. Had it hundreds of times... on piczo msn and jazz.
If ther person is in your school and there doing it

PRINT THEIR CONVO OFF AND YOURS!!!! times and dates if regular occurence make sure you save all your convos with that person.

so its a list of yours and her comments!

Piczo. bit harder but still print off convo of what was said

People you do not know
If it is persistant block them on msn. DO NOT UNBLOCK THEM if you do unblock them save a report and take it to the police. Apparently they can track down people now using the computer.


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Tears and Rain
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That's horrible :\ Will you be able to find out who it was in anyway?
I generally just go with the idea of not putting up personal details on the internet, it's just not worth it for the trouble that could happen, either with cyber bullying as you've said or even credit card fraud etc [sorry off topic]. I understand why you have you number/address up there and it's good you've now made it members only, but I think maybe even just write on the site that if they want your no./address to PM you? It just reduces the risk? I won't even put my no. on f/b where everyone I have on there I know. I like to know who has my details y'kknow?
Hm, either way i'm really sorry that happened to you, it's totally innappropriate and very [for lack of another more eloquent word] mean.
*squishes* Take care of you xx

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That doesn't sound good for you at all! I hope it doesn't happen again/stops.

I've had various things. Randomers add me on MSN and send "inappropiate" photos of themselves or made rude remarks. They're usually then blocked and deleted within 3 seconds. Other than that, it's nothing unusual. I can handle it! xxxx

Moved on. Take care.

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I was subject to cyber bullying to varying degrees at school because one of my mates decide to give a bastard at school my home email address and a photo of me. The photo wasn't used in the way that yours was but... it wasn't nice what happened as a result so I know how you feel. Is there any way you can take your phone number and address off that website and just saythat people contact you via email because that would definately be a good idea from a safety point of view and, change email addresses so if the person that did that to you isn't looking at your site anymore/ any site that has your address on that you can stop them giving out a current one. And yeah, I agree with definately getting them blocked if you find out who they are.

If you ever want to talk about it feel free to PM me,

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Okay. What this person has done is a criminal offence. You can probably have them prosecuted if you:

Take a printscreen of the page with your details on.
Go to the police talk to them about it
Police can contact owner of website the details they were put on and website can provide IP adress.
Police can then track this person and they'll be in alot of legal s*** when they are caught.

Which they will be.

I really feel for you, and i hope it gets solved.


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Pretty Kill
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I've been bullied on the internet - but the other person always managed to twist everything around and make it seem like I was the bully, like I was the bad person. Always lying about me bothering her, claiming I was giving her "dirty looks" in person, turning absolutely everything i ever wrote online (Forums, online journals, etc) into a personal attack on them!!!!, writing horrible journal entries about me and it's so, so hard not to lose it. They've pushed me so close to the edge sometimes.. and sometimes I think that the only way anyone will believe that it's them in the wrong and not me is if I just do it. Just disappear. Just die. Sometimes I feel like that's the only way anyone is going to believe me over them. :(

Anyway.. I agree with ella, print screen and get to the feds, hun!

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Sweetest Downfall
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I'm so sorry that happened! That is awful!

I was cyber bullied last year and tbh, it affected me more than bullying in person did because I couldn't show that it wasn't bothering me.
Various bulletins were posted about me on myspace and it was one of the hardest things to go through. With my OCD certain things make me feel safe and myspace was one of my safe havens with my friends and my favourite pictures and i dunno..i'm a bit weird. and to have that happen online made me feel worse.

If this is happening to anyone now, SORT IT. We contacted the police due to the seriousness of the threats and they sorted it because my school was **** and they have the worse bullying rules ever IMO.
tell your parents too, don't be scared because they will help you as much as possible!

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