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Awful day, I really need some support :(

Today was totally awful, and I was tempted for the first time in 4 and a half months of being harm free to cut my palms. I found myself searching my room for some mini screwdrivers and a sharpener, so I could use the small blade. Part of me was saying: You don't deserve to cut, you're not worthy of soothing yourself and bleeding. The other part was saying: What are you thinking?!

I was struggling to breathe calmly and could feel my head wanting to zone out as I became increasingly anxious, somehow I managed to resit though and this post is distracting me from my urges. I do want to. I have no idea how I'm not right now. I just feel like its still too early, that I'm not ready to live like a normal person again just yet. If anyone can give me a little support I'll be really grateful. <3

"I'm gonna be a star, you know why? Because, I have nothing left to lose."

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Hi you did and are doing so well to hold yourself back :) you are doing absolutely wonderful and I wish I had more words to say, I'm not the greatest at giving support but if you need someone to talk to at all you can send me a PM :)
you are doing so well and I hope you can continue
take care xx

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Wow you mean you were looking for tools, but stopped yourself? That's so amazing! No joke! That's literally so impressive I don't know how to describe it! Just sit back and think for a moment how hard that was, and the fact that you did it. To me that shows so much strength and readiness to heal. So cool! I really hope that you continue to withhold from your urges, and feel free to PM me :) Best of luck!

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You are so strong! You stopped youself and asked for help. How many times would you have just gone for tne blade before this? You have strength and you proved it today! It was probably one of the hardest things you have done. Just know that it was not unnoticed. Good luck

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