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Sometimes I start feeling this overwhelming loneliness, and I know that it's irrational, but I start to feel like if I go outside, or try to call someone no one will be there. I don't know how to tell someone without sounding needy or pathetic. Even when I have friends around me, sometimes I just want to leave and be alone. Because I don't know how to deal with it.

Anyone else? What do you do?

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I understand those feelings. And at times I also attack myself for being needy etc.

The truth is, we all need people, but people can be stressful as well, it's a conflict especially apparent when feeling low, I've found..

What I do is try to keep reaching out, but also helping others as part of that, even in small ways counts. It does help me feel more real and connected.

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I can relate to what you have written. *Hugs*

Like Stellata, I have tried to reach out, despite my concerns and worries. I find it helpful to be helping others - as Stellata said, it helps to help me feel more connected to the world.


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Yeah, I get that feeling too. When that happens, I try to go somewhere I know there are people. In a situation I'm not able to talk to someone, I try to watch TV or read a book, because I tend to find company in that. Alternatively, I feel a lot better if I talk to people online.

I agree with the others, it's important to keep connected!

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It may be slightly irrational, but it's definitely not uncommon. I have felt that feeling many times.
Whenever I get that overwhelming alone feeling when I'm around friends, I usually end up wandering away for a while - I haven't figured out a better way to deal with it without getting overwhelmingly sad. Because it doesn't get better when I stay with my friends and it doesn't get better when I go away. So if anyone has any advice about that, I'd appreciate it too :P
BUT as far as feeling super lonely when you actually ARE alone - it helps me to go online (on this website usually) and communicate with people on here. Because there's ALWAYS someone here. It doesn't solve all problems and magically make me happy, but it makes me feel less alone and it helps distract me.

"I believe in running through the rain and crashing into the person you love and having your lips bleed on each other"

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I feel the same way:'( i dont know what to do about it. Ive tried so many things but it doesnt go away and i end up harming myself. But now i think ryl chat forums are helping me and it feels better. I think coming online and talking to people helps.

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