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Why doesn't it hurt when you cut?

Like, there is an initial sting... then nothing and you just sort of see the blood flow.... but then the next day the spot hurts. Reason?

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When I first started it never hurt and I guess that is because it's a type of release for everything that is going on even though it isn't a healthy one, but after a few months to a year it started to hurt more and that was one of the reasons that helped me quit. Everyone is different, though, so it may not be the same with you or someone else.

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This same thing happens to me too. I think that when u first cut the skin it stings then you dont feel anything maybe because of the blood filling in. the next day you have to after effects of the cut. hope this helped.

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I think cutting doesn't hurt for the same reason it's impossible to tickle yourself - you're in control, so you know exactly when and where the cut is going to happen. I think the element of surprise accounts for a lot of the pain. That's why papercuts or stubbing your toe on the coffee table seem to hurt so much more than self-harm.

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Because of the adrenaline I believe. It builds up before you do it (because you're expecting 'danger') but when the levels start dropping it starts hurting

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Isn't there a big endorphin rush as well?

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My mum thinks I have always had a high pain threshold.
When I was a baby I ruptured my eardrum, and didn't make a fuss. She took me to the GP in the morning cos my hair was "all sticky with blood/ick" and they said I should have been screaming my head off all night.

But I guess that's not what you mean. I think people find the adrenaline helps. And endorphins, and stuff.

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I read somewhere that if someone experiences something over and over their body feels it differently. Like, people who SH as a release start to feel it as pleasant rather than painful. I don't know if it's true, but it kind of makes sense.

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:| when I did it it was trés painful!! Maybe I just have a low pain threshold, but I've never had it not hurt!

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Adrenaline, mostly.

Think of when you're going swimming in a freezing cold pool. Getting in that water can be pretty uncomfortable, even painful when it hits your knees and armpits. If there was someone drowning in the water you'd be able to jump in without a second thought and not feel one bit of cold until you got out of the water. Then it hits you hard.

That's pretty much how I've started describing SI to people. There is something that overrides the pain. In the case of the pool: saving someone's life. In the case of SI: well, that's much more personal. Your life, your sanity. It could be any number of reasons. Your body pumps you full of hormones and chemicals so that you can do what needs to be done. It's not always the healthiest methods we choose, but we don't always feel like we have a choice.

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I actually usually don't even find the spot to hurt much the next day either unless it's super deep in a spot that keeps getting touched or something... But that's just me :P

As far as the reason for the cuts not hurting as much being the lack of the element of surprise - I don't know if any of you have ever burned yourself, but that also doesn't have the element of surprise but it hurts a hell of a lot more than cutting! I think physically cuts aren't that painful - there are way more painful things.

But the endorphins and adrenaline do make the cutting feel more pleasant to us than painful.

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