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Contains sexual abuse - Lost with No Direction

Something happened to me just a couple days ago and Ihavenít talked about it with anyone yet, but I felt like I needed to let itout.

I was walking on a college campus in a small city nearwhere I live, and two guys grabbed me. They put a knife to my back and toldthem to not say anything and to follow them. They brought me to an empty dormroom building and told me to go up the stairs to the top level. I startedrunning up but half way through I fell and when they caught up they startedkicking me and yelling at me to get up. They grabbed me and threw me onto thestairs until I started walking again. When I got to the top they ripped off myclothes and pushed me to the ground. They hit me and kicked me and forced me todrink beer by shoving bottles in my mouth. One of the men had a hold of my headand shoulders and had a knife held to my throat and told me if I screamed hewould kill me. and the other man started taking off his pants. He forcedhimself on me and raped me over and over again. He made me tell him he was goodand that I liked it. Then they switched places. I started to struggle back alittle bit and they cut my legs and stomach with their knives. Then theybrought me into one of the open rooms and made me lay on the bed. They forcedme to give them oral sex but they wouldn't let me breathe. They held it in forso long that I started getting dizzy and light headed and I blacked out. When Iwoke up they had a tv and they made me watch porn movies and then reenact themwith both of them. It hurt so bad and I was bleeding and I had cuts all overfrom their knives and I couldn't see out of my right eye very well because theyhad hit me. Then they called their friends and they just all stood waiting inline... while one at a time they had their go with me, and sometimes two atonce. Or even three. They overpowered me so easily. I was just helpless.

The guys had me for almost the entire day before theyjust left me lying on the floor. Iíve been trying to not see my parents andcover up my injuries because I donít want them to know.

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It sounds like you've been through something really awful. Nobody has the right to do that to you. I think you should tell your parents, you didn't do anything wrong, and they will want to know and help you.

Also, I think you may get more appropriate responses if you post this in the Serious forum. What has happened to you isn't nothing, and you can't just brush it away... I realise this could be difficult, but have you been to the police? Have you told anyone about this? You don't deserve to struggle through this on your own love x

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You need to go to the police. This was completely wrong. I think also some counselling might be a benifit to you. As Alisa said, this isn't something you can cover up and pretend it didn't happen!

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Am so sorry that this has happened to you here a link for you maybe you can talk to someone there who can help you am not sure if you are from the uk or the us
or you could try Rainn
You dont need to get the police if you dont want that is your choice but they may do it again to someone else
please keep yourself safe and if you want to talk you can always pm me

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