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Jelly Fairy
A girl's best friend is always a horse....
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Say here what you can't say to someone/Get something off your chest-new rules post 1

Hi all

The moderators locked this thread for a year due to continued rule breaking. This thread is on it's last legs and if to much moderating is required than it will be locked and no further chances will be given.

This thread is not to be used as a way of inadvertantly talking to other members. So this means no posts should be about another member as in the past members have used this as a way of flaming. In addition we will not allow members to reply to posts as the last time this happened the moderators spent a lot of time editing posts etc.

If you have any questions about this please post them here

The mods

I thought we needed another one of these threads as it is a little different to the 'get something off your chest' thread. I'm not sure whether it should be here on in 'General Support and Advice' and also it would be nice if it was sticked so maybe a mod can think about this.

Jelly x

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Jelly Fairy
A girl's best friend is always a horse....
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I really need your help and support at the moment. You're one of the few people that I trust to talk to, and it makes me even more frightened when I get passed around to other people. I know you're often busy, but I try to catch you at good times when you're not as busy. I trust you and you mean a lot to me. I need you to look out for me and be there to guide me through this.

I can't stop thinking about what you said that day - I wish it was true

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Dark and twisty
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I think this is a good thread jelly.


I don't know how i'm going to cope when i leave. I've come to need you and that scares me so much.

The world is an interesting place when everyone you know has their own realities

Our scars remind us that the past is real

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Queen Crabbit
Are you a florist?
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I love you so much.

&& then buffy staked edward. the end.

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Jelly Fairy
A girl's best friend is always a horse....
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I'm a week free today. Thats the longest I've managed for ages. I wish I could tell you. I'm not sure I can keep this up until I next see you again. I think it's going to be a long while.

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*First Aid Advisor*
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I hate you!!
I hate you o much right now.
And i shoulnt.
So I am doing my usual.
I am turning it into self hate.
I can deal with that over guilt.
But deep down, i still hate you.

Eva. Gone, but never forgotten 27.3.10

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I love you.
Even when there is so little distance
I miss you
I'm waiting ever so patiently
But as always, it will be worth it.

Some of us fall by the wayside
Some of us soar to the stars
Some of us sail through our troubles
some have to live with
the scars

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tears before bedtime
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I don't think you have any idea what you've done to me
but i'm not going to let this feeling beat me
and not over you either
you were never worth my tears!
i thought you were different, turns out your the same as the rest of them.
i wish i could tell you i dont still love you
but i still do!!
it doesn't stop me from hating you tho
you bastard


I will not be let down anymore...

This is not the end
...It's just the beginning!

22 months SH free!! :)

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Why can't you accept how much I'm hurting and help me?!! I need you right now and you're burying your head like I dont exist...

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Jelly Fairy
A girl's best friend is always a horse....
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I really need you right now. I don't know what I'll do if you're not there tomorrow

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you think it's over, but it just begun
i.n.f.i.n.i.t.e.s.i.m.a.l's Avatar
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I have so much more I want to say to you, but I have to stop turning to you. It's not like you're ever there for me anyway, it's just that when I need help, you're the only one I want. And right now I need you, I'm not okay, but that's partly because of what you've done to me, again. I said it's over, and I'm trying to let go of it all. It's just that without my dreams of us being together, I don't see any reason to keep living.

But it's too late to be real, no time to be strong enough
just time to leave it all behind, memory has become pain
You're tender and you're tired
You can't be bothered to decide whether you live or die
or just forget about your life
Drift away and die, never say goodbye
Drift away and die
Never say goodbye
Drift away and die

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Strawberry gashes all over.
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You stopped taking your happy pills?
Because you wanted to drink?
You're on them for a reason!
You need to go to bloody rehab
Little plonker.

I thought I heard you whisper my name yesterday,
And I turned around to say
I love you,
But you
weren't there and I realized;
1. Everything is beautiful,
2. Except for me.

Destroy me one last time
...I dare you...

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i love you
why cant you see
i wish
but it wasnt your fault
it was me
im sorry

where did everybody go?

i've lost my family

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They asked me the other day why i was single... why i wasn't married... when are we going to have great-grandchildren etc.

All i could think of is you.

And now i know it's never going to happen. I threw it away when i finished with you.

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Accidentally Abstract
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This thread was in rants/vents before...

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure.
I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.
But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
[Marilyn Monroe]

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Jelly Fairy
A girl's best friend is always a horse....
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You can't reply in R&V now though :)

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Your responses are just so cold I can't bring myself to want to talk to you. You've got me confused and ashamed even by the things I talk to you about.

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why do you always either have to make sarcastic comments,in fact screw that why do you always have to comment on what im eating,dont you f**king realise youre just making things worse.

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i am in love with you
but so is he
and i loved him
and i see something there
and if you become more than friends
i think i might kill myself

my friendly giant


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XxXflowerfairyXxX's Avatar
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R, I hate you.
But somewhere I still love you a little bit.
Don't hurt her.
Not like you hurt me.

You make me wanna cry everytime we talk.
I'm nowhere near over you.
Becci says you'd take me back...
but I know you wouldn't.
I love you in so many different ways.

You're such a great guy.
But I don't know if I'm ready for this,
I already feel a little bit suffocated.
I just need some space.
I think I might be falling for you.
But I can't tell you coz I don't want you to dwell on it too much.
I'm still not over D or R.
I just don't wanna hurt you.

Mum, I need you.

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