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my parents are some of the abusrss.

they dnt beleive me about theother stuff

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I have never really talked about the sexual stuff to anyone. Not on here and not really in real life..... I tried to tell my mum but i think she just thought i'm pathetic......

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I havent told my parents yet.... or my older sister... its still so raw for me even after 3 years almost.. I have told some of my close friends and boyfriend, mainly because the friends have had similar experiences and because I feel my boyfriend has a right to know....
I mainly haven't told my close family because of the pain it will cause them, and because for so long I viewed it as my fault and didn't even realize I was raped until 2 years later, and i feel it is now toon late to bring up the matter... plus he was one of my best friends and my boyfriend at the time so I can't imagine going to police or anything about it, and I know my family would push for me to do that...
I guess part of me still blames myself then... but the people I have told don't ever bring it up unless I'm the one to talk about it... which I have been trying to do more often just to get that bitter taste out of my mouth...
Also I am so sorry this happened to you.. no one should ever have to go through this and seeing that there are so many people that do really just makes my soul ache.... i hope I was somewhat helpful...

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