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Ive come across this term a few times. Everytime I see it it makes me feel uncomfortable, and a bit sick to be honest, I dont know why, I think it might be because I've never thought of it in that way, or dont really like to. I personally dont like this term being used but I was just wondering what everyone else though about it? (bit of a random thread, but i just wondered lol)

much love

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Ginger Snap
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Personally it annoys me a little. Not a lot mind, i mean if someone uses the term i'm not gonna say anything much, but still. If i'm asked about it, or asked for a preference, i'd rather use self harm or self injury.


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I don't like it. It makes us sound like were monsters/murderers (maybe a little of an exageration) but it just makes me feel worse.
I dislike it but not to the extent that id correct someone if they used it, it would probably make me feel uncomfortable though.
And not a random thread its interesting =)

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I personally don't like it either, I see it as a graphic way of explaining self harm. It comes across very strong and gives the wrong perception too i think

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i dont like it either, its sounds so horrible!

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This is how I see it. When we hear about mutilation it's in a negative context 99% of the time. The slaves were mutilated by their owners when they were whipped and beaten. Dogs are mutilated by their owners through abuse. Anytime you hear about it, it's about abuse, being abused, changed, and often when I type it I have to go back to add the L in it because I think of mutation, which in retrospect is the same exact thing, but it's what I have to do. And well what's the person, or nature form of mutation? The person or nature doing the mutation? They are called mutants. And what do we know them as? Things that are scary and deformed and from another universe just coming here to harm us, like martians. All words are connected to other words and remind us subconsciously of something that has happened to us in our lifetime. It brings up memories. And don't worry about feeling weird or out there on that thought because trust me I sit through school hearing tons of different words and just like my brain telling my hand to move it causes me to go through a process of words and meanings. And I know none of this is very clear because it is my thought process and not yours. But I'm sure that's why you don't like the word, because what it makes you think and what those thoughts make you feel. It's a type of OCD for me so I had to type all this out for you to read. Sorry if it's taken nine hundred years to finish. All the best.

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I am sure that I have read in the past, that Self Harm, has 3 different versions, or degrees as it were - and self mutilation was one, and the most severe.

It was rare though, and was like people who literally did things like remove limbs etc, which is obviously not very nice - but did not cover things like cutting, burning etc.

So, if someone referred to cutting as self mutilation - they are wrong.

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^^ That's what I was going to say, self-mutilation is actually different from just cutting. I don't mean to belittle cutting, but it IS less drastic than removing limbs! Or organ failure. When I hear self-mutilation I always think of that kind of thing, rather than self-harm.


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^^^no self-mutilation has 3, typical, and psychotic. your thinking of psychotic self-mutilation...

anyway...i personally cant stand the term...i correct people when they use it. usually by saying something like "the politically correct term in self-injury". it makes me cringe...into me self-mutilation is also to broad a term. it implies anything done by yourself to alter the way the body looks...

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I don't like the term either, I think it makes it sound more like you're psychotic if people use that.

Also, like OneLonelyTree said, it does also imply your SI is something to alter the way your body looks, even though most of the time that's not the case.

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I definitely don't like the term self-mutilation, but how much it really bothers me depends a lot on the context. I've sometimes seen it in a book or article or something that was basically really sympathetic and understanding but just happened to use that term anyway (it's used in scientific literature a fair amount, so especially with somewhat older stuff I think it's sometimes seen as the correct or most scientific term), and it really doesn't bother me much. It mostly bothers me when I see it in stuff where I also think they don't know what they're talking about, or are treating SI kind of negatively or whatever, cause then it seems like they may well be associating it with the negative connotations of the word 'mutilation,' and not just using the term to mean exactly the same as they would have meant with SI or whatever.

Incidentally, if I type "self injury" into PsycINFO, it suggests "self mutilation" a category but doesn't have "self injury" or "self harm." Also, the DSM criteria for borderline personality disorder refer to "self-mutilating behavior."


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Le Almighty Kitten
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Self mutliation, as a result of psychosis or not is often the extreme (as i think has ben mentioned) where people attempt - and are sometimes successful - in removing limbs, digits or genitalia. Also, self mutliation can be seen as purely a medical/psychiatric term; in the same way people don't appreciate A&E/ER staff reffering to wounds as "superficial" even though the term isn't meant to be derogatory but is a medical definition.

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Yeah, about it being a medical term - I thought about it some more after I posted, and I think it kind of makes sense for it to be used in medicine/health care, cause it's kind of more descriptive in that "injury" isn't necessarily physical. One could say that by staying in my room instead of making friends or by blowing off a homework assignment I'm injuring myself, but they definitely wouldn't say I'm mutilating myself by doing those things. Then there's also things that do cause physical injury, but entirely internally, like OD-ing or stuff, that would be called injury but not mutilation. So I think that calling it "self-mutilation" leaves less ambiguity about it being specifically causing external physical injury (like cutting, burning, etc.) rather than internal or psychological injury, so it's a kind of more specific term.


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